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TAB   "Nothing But A Common Lament"  -  4  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Nothing But A Common Lament      [GP5]   [329 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 104266]
Artist: Competition Nov/Dec 2007
File Size: 90 KB     Number of Tracks: 8
Submitted by: E.T.H  (All tabs)  on 20 Jan 2008 22:37, commenting:
Validated by M@ngOr€ on 21 Jan 2008 01:21


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Sorry again for the mistake Ed!

Here's what you had so far before losing your comments!

Competitors Ratings:
Valgerd 3.5
Rumpy 4
Sidewinder (dunno he just gave the comment)
Beckkil 3.5
Shade of Blue 3
Stockle 3
Lonemower 2

Honorary Judge:
Nelson_Bougui 2 stars

Posted by M@ngOr€  {{ 53 tabs / 12 corrections }}  on: 21 Jan 2008 01:24

Rated as: 
 I thought I gave this one a 3

Posted by -Sidewinder-  {{ 1 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 21 Jan 2008 21:19

Rated as: Unrated
 Really moving song!

You have really improved alot your music writing since the first works i've saw from you. Basically you used about every trick of the bag articulations, accents, appogiaturas, slide, bends etc Only thing i can say you did'nt use is Staccato and it could be good for you to use instead of writing several rhythms lines where it shares equally with rests. Bassically a staccatoed note will last for half it's time value. I'm sure you're gonna be really appreciating when GP will be able to create more complex appogiaturas. Key signature is A m you're using a I iV V progression Am Dm E(7) . the leading note is G# 9/10

About melodic and harmonic content now: The progression you used is pretty basic and there's nothing wrong about it but maybe trying to find some twist like modulating to another key using either 4th or 5 th degree could be interesting but it's just me i don't perfectly know the style. What i'm sure of is the use of some colors within your chords like 7 :) Also using a capo is pretty much part of this style just try it with a capo at third fret for example. On the melodic side you been shy a bit...you could have used Am natural, melodic, and made a better use of harmonic minor by bringing in the 5th mode (phrygian dominant) sometimes.

Rhytmically you have been pretty inventive and have use a lot of figures. You have a good knowledge of it for sure some more polyrhythmic knowledge could help you tough like 3:2 feel and else. I would suggest to listen to schercino mexicano by Manuel Ponce and also to dig some more ecclectic styles of spanish music like Serenata and some south american rhtyms like Cueca, zamba, Bacarolla, vals etc This all could spark some new ideas. 9.5/10

Great song overall but it lacks developpement and new ideas thourough. Like Nelson i think it ended a bit abruptly tough.

3.5 stars!

Posted by M@ngOr€  {{ 53 tabs / 12 corrections }}  on: 28 Jan 2008 09:15

Rated as: Unrated
I think you should have varied the rhythms more (guitars and drums) because it honestly sounds like you're using one backing track and just adding riffs on top of it in the same key and making the same solos over. I liked the tempo change at 112 and the following solo.

Posted by Ktb  {{ 12 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 02 Aug 2008 19:32

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