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Buying an electric guitar

14 June 2024

Both experienced musicians and those just learning their first chords might need to buy a new guitar that meets all their requirements and desires. Searching for your dream electric guitar can be time-consuming and exhausting if you visit every music store, yet still might not find what you need. Either the model you want is out of stock, or it hasn't been delivered yet. Sometimes, the guitar you want to buy, which perfectly suits your playing comfort, looks, and sound, is so overpriced that you have to go home empty-handed. It's especially difficult to find the right instrument when you're looking for something specific, a guitar with certain characteristics and features. However, thanks to modern technology, you now have an excellent opportunity to buy any desired model of guitar with the best "stuffing" and features in just a few minutes. Today, many people turn to online stores, where various models of instruments are available in the catalog.


7 Best Music Schools In The USA

11 June 2024

Do you love the roar of an engine as much as the crescendo of a symphony? If you've ever dreamed of combining your passion for cars and music, you're in for a treat. The automotive industry needs creative minds who understand both the mechanics of sound and the art of music. In this post, we'll dive into the top seven music schools in the USA that offer unique programs tailored for the automotive world. These aren't just any music schools; they're the places where you can learn to create the perfect audio systems for cars, design heart-pumping sound effects for racing games, or compose unforgettable music for car commercials.


3 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

3 June 2024

If you just finished watching your favorite TV series, checked a social media newsfeed, watered your plants fifteen times, and you're still bored, then perhaps it's time to consider learning to play a musical instrument. If you carefully follow these tips, you will soon be playing the stars of heaven. Of course, the learning ability varies from person to person. However, there are several musical instruments that are somewhat easier to handle than the rest.


Memorization Techniques for Beginner Guitar Players

20 May 2024

Even if you have been playing guitar for quite a while, you still might consider memorizing songs somewhat challenging. When we discover the multitude of guitar courses online, we often think that the learning process will be a piece of cake, but focusing on the guitar lessons available on the Internet is just not enough. You might be used to playing a song with the help of YouTube or sheet music. But now the moment comes when you have to memorize your songs and stop relying on cheat sheets.
Everyone has their favorite song that is easy to play. But improvising isn't always a decent solution. Of course, you know approximately when a certain chord should be played, but it's often easy to mix up guitar chords. That's why you need to get familiar with the tips that make memorizing songs a lot easier.


What is a Ukulele?

5 May 2024

A ukulele is a stringed instrument, often referred to as a Hawaiian guitar. This compact and portable instrument has become a popular choice for musicians of all levels thanks to its pleasant sound and ease of play.

Types of Ukuleles
There are several types of ukuleles, differing in size and sound. The most common type is the soprano ukulele, which is characterized by its compact size and bright sound. Other popular types include the concert ukulele (deeper body and richer sound), tenor (even deeper body and louder sound), and baritone (the largest type with the lowest sound).

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