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Section 1 - Site Rules

1.1     What benefits will I get if I become a registered member of the GProTab site? When you register at gprotab.net you become a member and can log on to the site. Members can:     - rate and comment upon tabs;     - upload tabs;     - download tabs;     - post in the forums.
1.2     Where do all the tabs on this site come from? The tabs are uploaded by registered GProTab members who want to share their Guitar Pro files. Tabs may be downloaded for free, but please read the disclaimer in the download popup window for more details, or read it here.
1.3     Who are the GProTab Team? The GProTab Team comprises Administrators and Moderators, the usernames of whom are listed in each of the forum categories. In general, Administrators set up, maintain and administer the site, whilst Moderators monitor and moderate the forums, assist members and organise competitions. Administrators and Moderators also review, accept and reject tab submissions, the process of which is known as validating. Please note that this site is not associated with the purchase, development or maintenance of the Guitar Pro software. You should visit the www.guitar-pro.com site should you wish to purchase the software and receive technical assistance.
1.4     I have a question for the GProTab Team. How should I contact them? The best and fastest way to contact us is at the contacts page
1.5     How can I become a member of the GProTab Team? Occasionally there are changes within the team and new members are usually personally invited to join the team by an Administrator. Prospective team members must be familiar with the Guitar Pro software and have the latest version of the software, know their way around the gprotab.net site, have high quality tabs, and be helpful.
1.6     What are competitions? Competitions give our members an opportunity to showcase their songwriting skills using Guitar Pro. Please check the Competitions section for further details.
1.7     What are bans? A member of the GProTab team may administer a ban at their discretion based on the following guidelines: 1st offense: 1 or 2 week ban depending on severity of offense; 2nd offense: up to 1 month ban; 3rd offense: permanent ban. The following are considered as contravening site rules (non-exhaustive list) and will result in a member being banned:     - software hacking, supplying pirated software or fraudulent use or distribution of software;     - vindicating paedophilia, prostitution or rape;     - vindicating racism and racial hatred;     - negation of crimes against humanity;     - call for murder;     - vulgar language in topics or tab comments;     - obscene images (e.g. photos, avatars, clipart, etc.) in posts;     - insulting or slandering members, the GProTab Team, people or communities;     - using multiple aliases/logins;     - encouraging or discussing the download or usage of pirated Guitar Pro software;     - submitting stolen tabs. Go here for more details.

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Section 2 - Forum Rules & Conduct

2.1     General The GProTab forums are there for you to ask your questions, get answers from other members, read about upcoming events, help with the GProTab site, help with Guitar Pro and for interacting with other members who may share common interests. The forums are moderated and all topics and posts may be deleted by the GProTab team at their discretion. Whilst the GProTab team are fairly liberal, we do have rules in the forums with which you must comply. Topics and posts that violate the rules will be deleted. In the case of repeated violations, a member will be warned and eventually banned from the GProTab site. Please keep your topics in the appropriate forum category. On the forum main page you will find an index of the main categories. If you create a new topic, please be specific with the subject. Do not write topic titles like "…????…" or "…please help…" or "…what about…" etc., as they will be deleted. Do not capitalize all letters in your subject. Capitals are the internet equivalent of shouting, are unnecessary and rude. Spamming or postboosting will not be tolerated and topics/posts will be deleted. Regular spamming and/or postboosting may result in a ban.
2.2     I saw a topic yesterday and I wanted to reply, but today the topic is gone. The topic was probably deleted due to its content, or moved to the correct forum.
2.3     What happened to my post count? I had more posts yesterday than today! Your posts were probably deemed to either violate the Forum Rules & Conduct or the topic in which you posted was considered to violate the Site Rules.

2.5     Why isn't postboosting allowed? Postboosting is the practice of posting non-sensical posts for the sole purpose of increasing your post count. For example, a post with just a smiley is postboosting, except where it makes sense in the context of previous posts. Postboosting distracts people who might actually be using the forums for the purpose they were designed, as they have to waste their time sorting through a bunch of smileys to get the answer they were seeking. It also unnecessarily takes up valuable server space and bandwidth.
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Section 3 - Downloading Tabs

3.1     Finding Tabs
3.1.1  How do I find tabs on GProTab? Tabs are listed by artist. You have several different ways in which to find a tab: - search by entering the name of the song in the "Search Tab" box in the upper left corner of the GProTab home page. Tip: if you don't know or are not sure of the full name of the song, you can search for a partial title and all tabs containing the words you searched for will be included; - search under the artist's name to see all tabs by that artist. Or you can browse alphabetically until you find the artist. Tip: If you don't know or are not sure of the full name of the group or artist's name you can search just for a partial name and all names containing the letters/words you searched for will be included; - browse per style/genre by using the links in the left-hand frame.
3.1.2 How do I find an artist on GProTab? You can search for an artist by entering the name of the artist in the "Search Artist" box in the upper left corner of the GProTab home page.
3.1.3 I found the artist I'm looking for but there are no tabs. Sometimes members submit a new artist but never subsequently submit a tab, so empty artists' folders unnecessarily clutter the site. After a while, the artist may be deleted by the GProTab team if no tabs have been submitted under that artist. If you wish to submit a tab for that artist, please follow the instructions here.
3.2     Tab Requests
3.2.1  How can I request a tab I haven't found? All tab requests should be made by posting a new topic in the Tab Request forum. Please don't spam or "bump" a topic requesting a tab. If you post a tab request in the other forums, it will be moved by the GProTab team. The request will be deleted by the GProTab team if there is no response within a reasonable amount of time.
3.2.2  The artist I am looking for does not exist. What should I do? If your artist is not on GProTab, then there are no tabs for that artist. If you want a specific song for the artist, use the Tab Request forum. If you want to upload a tab for this artist please read the Uploading Tabs section.
3.3     Problems With Downloading Tabs
3.3.1  I've downloaded a tab, but I can't open it. All tabs on GProTab require the Guitar Pro software. We recommend that you use the most current version of the software to view and play tabs. Tabs created from older versions of Guitar Pro will still be accessible. To obtain the most recent version of Guitar Pro, please visit the www.guitar-pro.com site. You can try out a demo version before you decide to buy the full version.
3.3.2  I click on the button to download a tab, but nothing happens. If you have a pop-up blocker, disable it before clicking the download button as a pop-up window appears when you attempt to download a tab. However, sometimes you may have a dead link on the server. Therefore please try to download other tabs to see if you really have a problem or not. If you do find a dead link, please report it to the GProTab team by posting a topic in the main GProTab forum.
3.3.3  As above, but I'm using Netscape/Firefox. When the download window appears, "right-click" on the "DOWNLOAD" button and choose "Save link target as…" from the dropdown menu.
3.3.4  When I try to download tabs, it doesn't allow me to select where I want it saved. [This may vary depending on your Windows version, but you'll get the idea]. - open Windows Explorer. Go to Menu|View (Sometimes Tools) >> Folder|Options. Or Go to Configuration Panel >> Folder Options; - click on the "File Types" tab; - find all file extensions of the type GP3 and/or GP4 and/or GP5 extension and highlight them. Then click "Advanced" (sometimes "Edit"). Make sure the box that says "Confirm Open After Download" is checked. This should fix the problem.
3.3.5  Why are some files zipped? You may come across some older tabs in the archive that are zipped. If you do find a zip file, please report it to the GProTab team by posting a topic in the main GProTab forum.
3.3.6  When I tried to unzip it, it was empty! Where are the tabs? If you do find any zipped files on the site and you tried to unzip it, there may be a problem with your default Windows unzipping tool. We suggest you use Winzip or WinRar to unzip these files, but please report these to the GProTab team by posting a topic in the main GProTab forum.
3.3.7  When I try to open a GP4 file, the program says that my version is too old. The version of the Guitar Pro software you are using is too old for the GP version of the tab you are downloading. Please visit the www.guitar-pro.com site to purchase the latest version of the Guitar Pro software.
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Section 4 - Rating Tabs

4.1     I want to rate a tab I've downloaded but no stars show up. You must have a minimum of 5 tabs before you are eligible to rate tabs. You may leave a comment, but not a rating until you have the required number of tabs.
4.2     I've rated a tab but I made a mistake on my comment and/or rating. You can't change the original comment but you can add another comment. You could also ask the GProTab team to delete your first comment by posting a topic in the main GProTab forum.
4.3     I gave a comment/rating but I would like it deleted. A member cannot delete their own comments/ratings. You should ask the GProTab team to delete it for you by posting a topic in the main GProTab forum.
4.4     How can I remove a wrong/cruel/mean/unjustified/nasty rating on my tab. Post a topic in the main GProTab forum asking the GProTab team to review and delete it if necessary. DO NOT RATE FOR SPITE!
4.5     I've received a bad rating so I gave one in return, but I can't rate anymore! Down-rating tabs in retaliation is not acceptable on gprotab.net. An honest rating system is what makes this a great site. If you down-rate tabs for no apparent reason, your rating privileges may be suspended. Serious and repeated offenses may result in a ban. When you give a rating, please rate the tab not the tabber.
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Section 5 - Uploading Tabs

5.1     General We encourage all members to submit tabs they have created. The more tabs we have, the better the GProTab archive will be! In order to ensure that GProTab continues to be the largest and one of the best tablature sites, we have developed a validation policy with which all tabs must comply.
5.2     What kind of tab can I upload and what are the minimum requirements? You can submit all kinds of tabs (in Guitar Pro format of course!), but tabs must be your own by-ear transcription and/or arrangement. Your tab should also be of a minimum quality to be accepted. Follow these basic steps and your tab is likely to be accepted. Please also see the Tab Submission Guide for a summary of the reasons tabs are rejected:     - complete the "Score Information" window by pressing F5 in Guitar Pro. At least the song title and the artist name must be completed, which should be exactly the same as the artist name and song name under which you submitted the tab (capitalized first letters please), otherwise the tab will be rejected. Generally speaking, the more information you give, the more your tab will be appreciated by other members.     - name the different tracks, e.g. vocal, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, etc.     - no invalid (red) bars. Use F4 in GP5 or F8 in GP4 to find them.     - use markers to aid navigation in the tab (e.g. intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solos, etc.).     - ensure the guitar tracks are playable. Go to the unplayable fret fingering section for details.
5.3     How do I submit a tab? Please read the Tab Submission Guide and Tab Validation sections before submitting a tab. If you want to upload a tab you navigate to the page of the artist/band in question. You can find an artist/band name as described in the Downloading Tabs section. Click on the artist link and then click the link "Submit Your Tab" found at the bottom of the artist's page. A "Submit Tab" form then appears and enter the information requested. When writing the song title, be sure to capitalize the first letter of each word and write nothing but the song title. Here's an example:

       Wrong >> Till the morning comes (intro) (2)

       Right >> Till The Morning Comes

If the tab is of a special version of the song, e.g. Live, Unplugged, write a comment to the validator in the "Note for Tab Validator" box specifying which version the song is. The validator will then decide what the title should be. Continue to fill in the form by selecting the number of tracks from the drop-down list. Tracks which are duplicated will only count as one, e.g. "Guitar LH pan" and "Guitar RH pan" will only count as one track. Use the "Description" box if desired, then write a note to the validator (if appropriate) in the "Note for Tab Validator" box. Navigate to the tab on your computer then select your tab. Recheck your information then click the "Submit" button.
5.4     How do I submit a correction? If you consider that a tab already existing on the site requires modification (e.g. incorrect notes, key, tracks, addition of a new track) you may upload your tab as a correction. Navigate to the tab, click the "Submit correction" link and complete the form, which is the same form as the one used for submitting original tabs. Please also read more information on corrections below.
5.5     How do I create a new artist? If the artist/band isn't already on the site, you will have to first submit a request for a new artist. Please note that many major artists are already created, so make sure you search the site thoroughly before making an artist submission. Select the "Artists Validation" link at the top of the page and complete the form. Capitalize the first letter of each word and write nothing else but the band name. Select the artist's main style or genre, enter the artist's website URL, then select the "Submit" button. If you want to create an artist page for your own compositions, you have to select "composition" as the main style. See the Compositions section for more details. The artist request will be deleted if the website URL that provides evidence the artist actually exists is not included.
5.6     Can I remove a tab from the "Tabs Validation" queue? When you press "Submit" your tab will go to the Tabs Validation queue, which is presented in reverse chronological order (i.e. oldest submission first). If you wish to remove your tab from this queue before the tab is validated, you can do so by selecting the "Delete" button next to your tab.
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Section 6 - Tab Submission Guide

6.1     General
This guide describes the validation process used to check tabs submitted to the GProTab site. Remember to review all the points before submitting your tabs, correct what is needed and you should avoid a frustrating rejection of the tab you have spent hours - maybe days - to create! If your tab is rejected, please read the rejection email carefully and make the required modification before re-submitting it. If you don't understand or disagree with the decision, don't re-submit your tab but post a topic in the main GProTab forum, which will be answered by a member of the GProTab team, possibly the validator who rejected your tab. The reasons for rejecting tabs are as follows:

  • incorrect artist and song title;
  • incomplete F5 info.;
  • invalid (red) bars;
  • "uncleaned" MIDI import;
  • stolen tab or part of tab;
  • unplayable fret fingering;
  • incomplete details of corrections;
  • more than six versions of a song on the site already;
  • unacceptable/abusive comments;
  • tab is for an expired competition;
  • tab only has intro/solo/riff/outro or tab is too short;
  • tuplet problems;
  • corrupted file;
  • overall quality is poor;
  • unnamed or inappropriately named tracks;
  • multiple tab submissions;
  • empty bars not filled with rests;
  • overall quality and accuracy.

6.2     Before submitting a tab, please use the following as a "Tab Validation Checklist":
6.2.1  Incorrect artist and song title This might be quite obvious but it's still one of the major reasons for rejection. If you are unsure of the correct artist under which you should submit the tab, or unsure of the correct song title, search the web or the artist's website. A useful resource is the www.allmusic.com site.
6.2.2  Incomplete F5 info. The minimum information you must provide in the F5 dialogue window is the correct song title and artist's name, which have to be exactly the same as the artist name and song name under which you submitted the tab, otherwise the tab will be rejected. Please also add information in the other fields where possible.
6.2.3  Invalid (red) bars Every bar in the tab must be completed. That means it should not be shorter or longer than the time signature (e.g. 2.5 beats only in a 4/4 bar). GP displays incomplete bars in red. Using the F8 (in GP4) or F4 (in GP5) shortcut helps you easily find incomplete bars.
6.2.4  "Uncleaned" MIDI import Guitar Pro gives the opportunity to import MIDI files. When a MIDI file is imported, the software can wrongly identify and transcribe incorrect note lengths, create unwanted rests and impossible fingerings. While MIDI imports help assemble a structure on which to base a tab (e.g. drums, synthesizers, voice, etc.), pure MIDI imports are worth nothing in terms of being a constructive tab. Therefore if you want to upload a tab based on a MIDI import, all tracks should be 100% corrected. That means you have to "clean"the midi import to achieve a tab that can actually be played (remove unwanted rests, correct impossible fingerings, etc.).
6.2.5  Stolen tab or part of tab Even if the goal of GProTab is to share useful resources for learning guitar, it is not very popular nor acceptable to steal another's work either from a GProTab member or from another tab site. If you improve another tabber's work, please be sure to submit the result as a correction of the tab. Validators will endeavour to check that tabs are not stolen, but GProTab cannot be held responsible for accepting stolen tabs on the site as it is impossible for us to carry out thorough checks. If you feel a tab in the archive was stolen from you, please post a topic in the main GProTab forum, explaining the background to and evidence of stealing. Stealing will not be tolerated, therefore any member who submits a stolen tab will receive an automatic 1 month ban.
6.2.6  Unplayable fret fingering Please ensure that all guitar tracks are playable. Try it on your guitar first and if you can't reach the frets, many other people can't either. Guitar Pro includes an "Automatic Finger Positioning" utility so that guitar tracks can be "optimised". Don't rely on this though as it is not always accurate. Use your judgement or ask for help from an experienced guitarist or post a topic in the main GProTab forum. Chords must also be valid and playable.
6.2.7  Non-guitar tracks not arranged for guitar, for tabs that have no guitar tracks Except for compositions, and in competitions where the genre does not normally require a guitar track (e.g. "open" competitions), all tabs must include a playable guitar track, or where no guitar exists in the original song, it must include a track arranged for guitar, i.e. playable on guitar. If you submit a tab which is not intended to be played on guitar, please make at least one track arranged for guitar (e.g. the main melody). You may leave a copy of the track which has not been arranged for guitar inside the tab, but please specify it in the description in the F5 window. A non-guitar track is defined as a track that is not meant to be playable on a guitar.
6.2.8  Incomplete details of corrections When submitting a correction, give details of what you have modified in the "Note For Tab Validator" box, e.g. "…added a new track, corrected bars 39-63 for the solo, corrected Gmajor chords in bars 12-15…". You must also ensure that credit is given to the original tabber in the "Score Information"window of the file (F5). The more details you give of the correction, the easier it will be for the validator to review and accept your correction. If the correction details are too numerous to mention in the "Note For Tab Validator" box, you should detail your corrections in the "Score Information" (F5) in full. If you do this, insert something like "…Please see F5 for full details of corrections…" in the "Note For Tab Validator" box. Full details of corrections will help people find out what you've corrected so they can re-learn the tab. It also shows the original tabber what they did wrong. To be accepted, the correction should be significantly important (i.e. making minor cosmetic changes is not enough!). Also please be honest, so if you based your tab on an existing tab, don't try to submit it as a brand new tab created from scratch. Upload it as a correction of the existing tab. If a tab is submitted as a new tab and there is already a tab of this song, the validator will compare them. If it appears that the submitted one is based on an existing one, it will be rejected and required to be submitted as a correction.
6.2.9  More than six versions of the song on the site already There are a lot of tabs on GProTab. This means that for many well-known songs there is usually a tab on the site. To keep things simple and easy for the members, we limit the number of tabs for the same song to a maximum of SIX, comprising three regular versions and three other versions. "Other" versions include "live""unplugged""demo""alternate", etc. They all count in the maximum total of six on the site. If you think your version is best, but there are already six versions on the site, you must submit it as a correction of one of the existing versions. If you decide to make a new tab of this song anyway, your tab must be of a significantly higher quality in order for it to be accepted as a new tab such that we decide to overwrite an older version. Writing a note to the validator as to why your tab is better might help your case, but be specific (something like"…my tab is the best one - all others suck…" is the first step to rejection! Before you submit your tab you can also post in the main GProTab forum and ask for advice. Please provide links to the tabs concerned.
6.2.10 Unacceptable or abusive comments All tab submissions must comply with the Site Rules and Forum Rules & Conduct. Unacceptable or abusive comments will not be tolerated and may result in a ban.
6.2.11 Tab is for an expired competition The GProTab site periodically holds competitions. Competition entries can only be submitted by eligible competitors, therefore once the competition is over, no other competition tabs will be accepted. See the Competitions section for more information.
6.2.12 Tab only has intro/solo/riff/outro or tab is too short A tab uploaded to GProTab must be no shorter than the original song, not just an intro, riff, solo, outro, etc. That doesn't mean you have to transcribe all instruments in the song. If there is already a tab for the song, you should consider making a correction of that existing tab. If the song is actually that short, the tabber should provide evidence (e.g. link to a website) by writing a note in the "Note For Tab Validator" box when submitting the tab.
6.2.13 Conversion of GP3/GP4 tabs to GP5 just because its GP5 Version 5 of the Guitar Pro software offers RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), which if used appropriately, can significantly enhance the realism of some of the instruments (e.g. guitar, bass, drums). Some tabbers seek to submit GP5 versions of their GP3/GP4 tabs, without trying to improve the tab in the process. The validator may reject a tab if the opportunity has not be taken by the tabber to improve the tab in its conversion from a GP3/GP4 file to a GP5 file.
6.2.14 Tuplet problems Guitar Pro is a clever piece of software, but it may rarely not be able to handle complex tuplets. This will show up in the tab as invalid (red) bars. If you are certain that the tab is correct apart from the tuplet problems, you should make a note in the "Note For Tab Validator" box when submitting the tab.
6.2.15 Excessive rests Excessive rests are generally created in three ways: (a) during a MIDI import, resulting in an "uncleaned"tab; (b) tabber's lack of standard notation or tablature knowledge; (c) laziness when creating a tab. In case (a), uncleaned MIDI imports with or without excessive rests will be automatically rejected. In cases (b) and (c), this may not result in an outright rejection by the validator but will depend on the severity of the problem. Lots of rests tends to make a score difficult to read, therefore excessive rests should be rationalised. Don't use two identical rests together. Make them a single rest with a longer duration. If you are unsure what to do, post a topic in the main GProTab forum or ask someone who is knowledgeable about standard notation.
6.2.16 Corrupted file Files can become corrupted for many reasons. Occasionally, this may happen to a Guitar Pro file, so that when the validator tries to open the GP file, the software crashes. Unfortunately, there is little that the GProTab Team can do to help, so you may want to refer to the problem to the www.guitar-pro.com site for assistance.
6.2.17 Overall quality is poor A tab is considered "poor" when there are things wrong with it too numerous to list. The validator may give several reasons for rejecting the tab, but to assist the tabber, the validator may additionally give some guidance on how to rectify the problems.
6.2.18 Unnamed or inappropriately named tracks All tabs must have appropriately-named tracks to identify the instrument(s) and not the artist/band names. Blank or wrongly-named tracks will result in a rejection of the tab. For example, instead of typing "vocal", a tabber may write "Ozzy", or instead of "lead guitar", a tabber might write "Steve Vai"; this is unacceptable.
6.2.19 Multiple tab submissions Occasionally tabbers can accidently duplicate (or worse) a tab submission. In this case, the validator will delete the oldest tab submissions, assuming that the latest tab is the one to be validated.
6.2.20 Empty bars not filled with rests Empty bars without rests should not be left in the score. This can be done easily and automatically in GP using the "Tools" menu >> "Complete/Reduce Empty Bars With Rests" utility.
6.2.21 Overall quality and accuracy GProTab is seeking to have the best GP tabs on the net, so you can improve the quality of your tabs in several ways. The issues below may not in themselves lead to a rejection but it is at the discretion of the validator whether your tab will be rejected for any or all of the reasons shown below. When using monophonic instruments, always try to write with a fingering adapted for the guitar so the track can be played on guitar whenever possible. For example, a saxophone solo could be inspiring for a guitarist. Piano/keyboard music should be split into two tracks; left hand bass clef and right hand treble clef. Using a bass tuning for the left hand will give a better result for the standard notation. Of course, this is not required in the case of a keyboard track that can be played with a single hand. Just remember that humans have only five fingers that can't stretch much over one octave! With GP5 you can now display and print in standard notation, but remember that Guitar Pro is based on guitar notation. That means that since the guitar is a "transposing instrument", every note in standard notation is one octave higher than the actual pitch. So if you want to have something that is useful to a keyboard player, apply the 8va Octava feature to the complete track and the standard notation will be transposed to actual pitch. (A piano player would just have to know that he shouldn't consider the 8va sign).     - use markers (e.g. introversechorussolo, etc.), especially if it's a long tab;     - close the tablature view for non-fretted instruments. There is no need to show the tab view for instruments such as strings, piano, brass, woodwind, etc., as these would normally be viewed in standard notation. Therefore select standard notation from the "View" menu in GP4 and GP5;     - ensure that non-fretted instruments adopt the correct clef;     - non-guitar tracks should be playable on the instrument that they carry AND tablature view should be closed. (Please note that a "non-guitar track" is one that is ordinarily not played on a guitar/bass/banjo, and is NOT a track whose MIDI instrument is one other than a guitar/bass/banjo);     - reduce to as few tracks as possible, e.g. don't use separate tracks when a guitar switches from clean to overdrive; use the same track and a mix table event instead;     - don't separate tracks for individual drum instruments, e.g. one track with snare and one with cymbals is something seen all too often;     - use a separate track for percussion instruments other than drums, e.g. claves, bongos, tambourine, etc.;     - use separate tracks for left-hand and right-hand piano tracks;     - ensure correct key signature;     - ensure correct rhythms and tied notes. This is more obvious when you close tablature view, then view the standard notation and see how notes from each track interact;     - remove empty tracks;     - appropriately adjust the mix table (pan and volume for each track);     - if you use GP5 and RSE, there's an interesting FAQ on the www.guitar-pro.com home page (RSE FAQ) about how to set it up.
6.2.22 Lyrics Please note that lyrics are currently allowed at GProTab.

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Section 7 - Tab Validation

7.1     Why is there a validation process? All tabs go through the validation process before they are uploaded to the site. This is done to ensure that they follow the tab submission rules and are of a sufficient quality.
7.2     Who validates tabs? Any member of the GProTab team may validate a tab.
7.3     Why was my tab rejected? Generally if your tab is of good quality, of a song that doesn't already have numerous versions on the site and you've followed the basic steps here, there shouldn't be a problem having your tab accepted. The reasons for rejection given by the validator will be posted to your e-mail address.
7.4     When will my tab be validated? Tabs in the validation queue are in reverse date order, i.e. the tab waiting longest is at the top of the queue. Validators deal with tabs as soon as practicable, so please be patient. The GProTab Team do this voluntarily in their spare time, so occasionally it may take a while for tabs to be validated, depending on the number of tabs waiting. However, we endeavour to validates tabs within a few days of submission.
7.5     How do I know my tab has been validated? Members receive an email informing them that their tab has been rejected or accepted. If the tab has been rejected, the email will state the reason(s) it has been rejected. If you didn't receive an email, check your spam settings/folder and add admin[at]gprotab.net to your safe list. (Please ensure you replace the [at] with @ ). If you don't agree with the validator, you can post a topic in main GProTab forum explaining why your tab should be accepted.
7.6     Are some validators stricter than others? If your tab was rejected by one validator and you didn't agree then re-submitted it without any changes and it was accepted, the first validator may have seen something that the second validator missed. We are human after all!
7.7     My tab was accepted, but now it's no longer here! Where is it? If the validator realises that a "bad" tab has been accepted, they will search for it and delete it from the site. Another possibility is that someone posted a better and/or complete tab for the same song and yours was erased to make room for it, which would have resulted in exceeding the maximum number of six tabs on the site for that song. (Go here for more details regarding the maximum number of versions of a song on the site).
7.8     I submitted a tab but several tabs were validated before mine. Why? To minimize the volume of tabs in the queue, we tend to validate the "easiest" tabs first. Tabs with no other versions on the site, corrections that are properly submitted and submission forms that are correctly completed are some examples of tabs that can dealt with by a validator quicker than others.
7.9     One of my tabs was corrected by someone and they messed it up. What can I do? When a tabber corrects their own tab, the validator will probably accept it automatically, as long as it is an actual correction. Re-submitting your original tab as a correction of the correction will probably be accepted automatically by a validator. But if you re-submit the corrected tab just to erase the previous correcting tabber's credit, it will not!
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Section 8 - Exercises & Tutorials

8.1     Do you accept Exercises & Tutorials? You can upload exercises to GProTab. All exercises have to be of reasonable length and interest, which must include text explaining the exercises. Simply tabbing out scales or picking patterns will not be accepted. We also accept tutorials, which are located in the Articles section of the site, the link for which is at the top of the GProTab home page. Prospective authors of tutorials must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subject about which they are writing. The subject matter has to be relevant and of sufficient interest if they are to be accepted on the site.
8.2     Where do I upload my Exercises? If you want to upload an exercise, you have to choose one of the existing folders (they work in the same way as the artist folders). If you feel that none of the existing exercise folders are appropriate for your tab, you can request a new exercise folder in the same way as requesting a new artist.
8.3     Where do I upload a Tutorial? If you wish to upload a tutorial, please post a topic in the main GProTab forum explaining your idea. If the idea is acceptable to the GProTab Team, instructions on how to submit the tutorial will be included by the GProTab team when replying to your topic.
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Section 9 - Compositions

9.1   Can I submit my own compositions to GProTab? You can upload your own compositions to the site. These should be 100% original, your own work and they should also be of a decent quality before being accepted. To upload your compositions you should submit an artist request in order to create an artist folder either using your own name or your band name.
9.2   What type of compositions can I submit? You can submit any type of composition from any genre. However, all compositions must comply with the validation rules as described in the Tab Submission Guide. 9.3   How do I submit a composition? To add your composition, you need to create an artist first, as described here. The artist description should either be your band name, your real name or your username. When completing the artist submission form, please ensure that you select "composition" as the main style. Once a validator has accepted the artists submission, you can submit your tab in the usual way as described in the here.
9.4   Are my compositions protected here (i.e. copyright)? GProTab does not protect your copyrights in any way. You must make your own arrangements to protect your copyright before you upload it to the GProTab site.
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Section 10 - Competitions

There are no competitions at the momentback to top


Please read the disclaimer that GProTab displays when downloading a tab.
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If you have any queries about these rules, you can contact GProTab at the contacts page.

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