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What is Pop/Rock music?

Pop rock is a musical genre that combines pop style and light lyrics with typical guitar-based rock songs. Critics of pop rock often consider the genre as a more commercial and less authentic version of rock.

It is softer and more accessible than Rock and Roll. The instruments used are most often the electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, synthesizer.

The term "pop" has been used since the early twentieth century to generally define popular music, but since the mid-1950s it has been used to describe a distinct genre, valued by young audiences, often characterized by a softer alternative version of rock and roll. After the success of the British Invasion, since approximately 1967, the term has been used in opposition to pop music, to describe a more commercial, ephemeral and accessible musical form. The term "power pop" was first used by Pete Townshend of the Who in 1966, but less and less used in the 1970s.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, we heard more and more rock'n' roll titles that were no longer "wise" or "soft", giving birth to a musical style of Anglo-Saxon inspiration, then called pop music (popular music). Pop music" (a name that dominated the 1968 to 1978 decade) brought to pure rock'n' roll (Jerry Lee Lewis or Chuck Berry) an increase in melodic (Simon & Garfunkel), harmonic (The Beach Boys), instrumental (The Beatles, second period), thematic (Leonard Cohen), rhythmical (Elton John) and conceptual (Pink Floyd) innovation.

Towards the end of the 1970s, the term rock began to replace pop music in the United States to designate the least watered-down and least experimental trend in this electro-acoustic popular music of predominantly English-speaking expression. At the same time, the term pop is gradually being reserved for the least committed and most simply entertaining fringe of popular music, going so far as to include the disco style. Ten years later, at the beginning of the 1990s, the two terms pop and rock, after having been separated in this way, were grouped together in the commercial category pop rock. A name created by the recording industry and quickly adopted by the general public. Since then, the pop rock category has ceased to distinguish pop from rock, allowing them to define themselves together as opposed to other musical categories further from their common origins: techno, funk, soul, rap or jazz.

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