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3 Inches of Blood is a Canadian heavy metal band from Victoria, British Columbia. Formed in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. It consisted of Jamie Hooper, Cam Pipes and Justin Hagberg as singers (the latter being also a guitarist), Shane Clark on guitar, Ash Pearson on drums.

The main themes of the group are piracy, wars and heroic fantasy. The band composes music that is a mix of influences including Iron Maiden, Running Wild and other bands from the NWOBHM wave.

The group is known to be afraid of cold temperatures, having canceled several concerts for weather reasons, particularly in the province of Quebec, Canada. The group split up in 2015 for personal reasons.

The band is originally a solo project of singer Jamie Hooper before the arrival of Cam Pipes. Hooper, Sunny Dhak, and Bobby Froese, as well as Geoff Trawick and Rich Trawick on drums and bass, meet at a concert of former bands; however, things do not go as planned with the writing of new traditional heavy metal oriented songs, and decide to change their name. At this time, Rich Trawick's roommate Steve Bays (keyboardist for Hot Hot Heat), hears their first demo and suggests their longtime friend Cam Pipes for the clear vocals >>>. Pipes, who was a chorister at her school at 10 years old,> undertakes additional singing in what will become their EP, "Sect of the White Worm" , in the apartment of Trawick and Bays, and will become permanent member>.

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