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65daysofstatic , also called 65days or 65 backs , is a British instrumental post-rock band from Sheffield, England. The group has six studio albums to his credit: The Fall of Math, One Time for All Time, The Destruction of Small Ideas, We were Exploding Anyway, Silent Running, and Wild Light.

Founded in 2001 in the form of a trio, consisting of Joe Shrewsbury, Paul Wolinski and Iain Armstrong, 65daysofstatic would take its name from a John Carpenter's Stealth Bomber film project starring Kurt Russell >>>. Another theory put forward by the New Statesman newspaper would be that the name derives from psychological experiments conducted in the 1960s during which it was discovered that exposure to 65 days of white noise would drive people crazy.

The formation of the group has changed a lot since its creation in 2001. Armstrong left in 2003 to form another group, Actionier. Feedle joins 65daysofstatic for a short time, and helps her write her first single, Retreat! Retreat !. In late 2003, the group recruits Rob Jones as drummer and Gareth Hugues on bass. The latter left the group at the time of the release of his first album, The Fall of Math, leaving his bassist place to Simon Wright. Members of other formations, in particular The Mirimar Disaster or Youthmovies, have also often accompanied them at various concerts.

In 2005, they remix the single Burn of Alkaline Trio, taken from the album Crimson.

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