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A perfect circle

A Perfect Circle , often abbreviated APC , is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. He was trained by guitarist Billy Howerdel and led by Tool singer Maynard James Keenan. In addition to Maynard, the group contains renowned names in music such as drummer Josh Freese (Guns N 'Roses, 3 Doors Down, Avril Lavigne, Nine Inch Nails, The Offspring), bassist Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Goon Moon), guitarist James Iha (The Smashing Pumpkins) or the collaboration of guitarist Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit); and can be described as a supergroup.

Howerdel has, in the past, worked with many bands including Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fishbone, Guns N 'Roses, and Tool as a backup guitarist and has the ambition to set up his own band. He records some demos that he makes listen to Maynard James Keenan, the singer of Tool. Maynard is interested in the project and proposes to Howerdel to be the interpreter. Howerdel, then rather looking for a feminine voice, hesitates a while before accepting the proposal.

Howerdel is in charge of recruiting and finding Tim Alexander, the drummer of Primus, the guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen (former Failure, guitarist of Queens of the Stone Age) and bassist / violinist Paz Lenchantin (future-Zwan). The group reworked the demos developed by Howerdel and recorded his first album Sea of ​​Names in 2000. At that time, Tool is in negotiation with his own label, which gives the possibility to Keenan to invest in the project.

The composition of the group knows some upheavals. Tim Alexander is replaced before the recording of the first album by Josh Freese, Vandals. Lenchantin leaves the group to join Billy Corgan's new project, Zwan, while Van Leeuwen joins Queens of the Stone Age. Former Marilyn Manson bassist Jeordie White and guitarist James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins) allow the band to complete their tour.

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