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A Skylit Drive is a post-hardcore American group, originally from Lodi, California. Since 2012, the group consists of Michael Jagmin (vocals), Brian White (bass guitar), Nick Miller (guitar), Cory La Quay (drums, Screaming), and Kyle Simmons (keyboard, synthesizers, bass guitar). The first members, Jordan Blake and Joey Wilson, leave the group in 2007 and 2012, respectively. Michael Jagmin has been singing since 2008. The group released a DVD, EP and four studio albums: Wires ... and the Concept of Breathing in 2008, Adelphia in 2009, Identity On Fire en 2011, and Rise , in 2013.

Members of A Skylit Drive met at the local high school in Lodi, California. Cory La Quay (drummer) studies at Franklin High School in Elk Grove. the first EP, She Watched the Sky , appears on the Tragic Hero label in 2007>. The band then participates in a tour alongside Four Letter Lie, Blessthefall, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Greeley Estates, Oh, Sleeper, Blackout, Alesana, Before their Eyes, Dance Gavin Dance, Kenotia, Pierce the Veil, and From First to Last.

Jordan Blake left the group around November 2007 because of an ulcer that prevented him from singing. Blake's departure is planned with all members of the group by mutual agreement. Following her departure from A Skylit Drive, Jonny Craig helped the group for a few concerts after leaving Dance Gavin Dance. A new singer, Michael "Jag" Jagmin, then joins them; this is the very last change in their line-up.

A demo version of the title Knights of the Round is performed on stage with Jonny Craig, the singer of the group, during some performances in November 2007. their album studio entitled Wires ... and the Concept of Breathing (produced by Mitchell Marlow and Allen Jacob) is marketed in May 2008 >>>>>> >.

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