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A wilhelm scream

A Wilhelm Scream is an American melodic hardcore band from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He was known for three years under the name of Smackin 'Isaiah until 2002.

A "Wilhelm scream" , in the middle of the cinema, is the name given to a particularly recognizable sound effect very often used during the fall of a character (especially in Star Wars for example) and now elevated to the rank of cliché. It is a kind of long, high-pitched scream, which takes its name from the first character who pushed this famous cry, in a western of 1951.

The group is initially formed in 1997 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, by Trevor Reilly and Jon Teves who adopt the name of Koen, then that of Smackin 'Isaiah>. It also includes Nuño Pereira, Nick Angelini and John Carvalho. Mainly inspired by Nirvana, the band goes from grunge to ska, to finally become melodic hardcore. John Carvalho leaves the group in 2001, and is quickly replaced by Christopher Levesque who exchanges his place with Trevor>.

They released several records under this name, such as Give Girls More Beer ... and Gets Eaten Alive !. In 2001, they released a split CD with Moronique and Merrick titled 6: 6: 6>. Their first studio album, titled The Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through Her Boyfriend's Stomach, to All About Records, is later re-released to Jump Start Records, as Tank Records has not produced enough copies. They publish a final albuml under the name of Smackin 'Isaiah, Benefits of Thinking Out Loud, before becoming A Wilhelm Scream in 2004>.

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