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Aborym is an Italian industrial black metal band that refers to its style as "hard / black alien industrial metal". The name of the group derives from Haborym Sadek Aym>.

Aborym was originally formed in 1991> or 1992> by bassist and keyboardist Malfeitor Fabban> who formerly played for the group Funeral Oration and keyboard for M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab>. First formed as a trio, the band takes songs from Sodom>, Celtic Frost>, Mayhem>, Sepultura>, Sarcófago>, Morbid>, Rotting Christ> and Darkthrone>. With Alex Noia (guitar) and Mental Siege (drums), Fabban records the first demo of Aborym, Worshipping Damned Souls, in 1993. the group separates briefly and reformed at the initiative of Fabban in Rome in 1997. With the new members Yorga SM and Sethlans, a second demo (Antichristian Nuclear Sabbath) is recorded the same year>. The band signed to the Italian label Scarlet Records for two albums>.

Their first studio album, Kali Yuga Bizarre, is published in March 1999. The album involves Attila Csihar, well known in the black metal scene for his collaborations with Mayhem, Tormentor and Plasma Pool. During the recordings, the band recruits a second guitarist, Nysrok Infernalien Sathanas, from the band Satanikk Terrorists>. Csihar joins full-time in the group after the recordings>, replacing Yorga SM>. The album is well received by the specialized press>.

2003 attends the release of the third album With No Human Intervention on Code666 in Europe and on Mercenary Musik / WEA / Arista in the United States. The album continues with the experimentation of electronica, drawn from drum and bass, jungle, techno, classical music, EBM and the industrialist.

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