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Absu is an American black metal band from Dallas, Texas>. From the death metal sound of their first works, they arrive later on to a black / thrash mix to which are added elements of folk and Celtic music, to obtain what they call the "mythological occult metal " (in French, " mythological and occult metal "). The themes of the lyrics deal with Celtic and Sumerian legends and myths, as well as magic, witchcraft and weapons.

The group is initially formed in 1989 under the name Dolmen , then changes briefly for Azathoth , before the final change in Absu in 1991 >>>. It is composed at the time of Equitant Ifernain (guitar, bass and lyrics) and Shaftiel (guitar, vocals). After two demos and an EP, they are joined by Proscriptor McGovern (real name Russ R. Givens) on drums, vocals, and writing, from David Athron Mystica on guitar and Black Massith to keyboards, synthesizer and sequencing. After releasing their first album, in 1993, David Athron Mystica and Black Massith left the band and Absu became a trio. For their concerts, they recruit Mezzadurus (Philadelphia Black Thrashers and Bloodstorm), but it is in trio that they record The Sun of Tiphareth in 1995, Shaftiel and Proscriptor sharing the song, and Proscriptor dealing with keyboards and synthesizers. It is with this same line-up that they record The Third Storm of Cythraul which draws its inspiration from myth of the Middle East>.

In 2001, Absu recruited a second guitarist, Kashshapxu . The band released this year their fifth album, Tara which includes, on the title track, a bagpipe>. Shortly after the release of Tara , Equitant left the band because of musical divergence (but that did not stop him from collaborating with Proscriptor on other projects). Proscriptor, seriously injured in an accident must undergo an operation of the hand. After a year of care, when he was ready to play again, Shaftiel lost interest in Absu, and Kashshapxu left the band for musical divergence. Proscriptor then audition for Slayer but the return of the original drummer, Dave Lombardo, puts an end to his hopes. In 2005, Proscriptor and Equitant bring together rare or unpublished pieces, as well as live versions, and commercialize all under the title Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 < / span >>. While Absu is on stand-by, Proscriptor continues to work on other projects such as Equimanthorn (with Equitant and members of The Soil Bleeds Black), Proscriptor, his classic neo-folk / rock fusion project, and Starchaser Network (with Equitant and Victorious). He was also the drummer and singer of Melechesh for 6 years (1999-2005) group with which he had already collaborated in singing and writing texts. He was also a session musician for Judas Iscariot, Thornspawn, and Magnus Thorsen. Finally, he owns his own label, Tarot Productions.

In May 2007, Proscriptor announced that Vastator Terrarum and Aethyris MacKay were joining the group. At the beginning of 2008, Absu announces to have signed with Candlelight Records for their next discs but that they will also release an EP 7 "to the Relapse Records label.This EP, Speed ​​N ' Spikes , in limited series, contains the first recordings of the band after seven years of inactivity In March 2008, Vastator Terrarum leaves the band and is replaced by Zawicizuz In October, after the recording of the album < Ezezu, from the Panzram group, joins the band on bass and vocals.> In September 2009, Zawicizuz leaves Absu and is replaced by Vis Crom of Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Woe and XXX Maniak bands, the group then participates in a European tour with Pantheon I, Razor of Occam and Zoroaster.

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