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Acid black cherry

Acid Black Cherry (often also called ABC ) is yasu's solo project ( ( Hayashi Yasunori > ) ), singer of the Japanese music group Janne Da Arc .

Playing in the same vein as D.N.A's Janne Da Arc compositions, ABC's songs have a heavier sound. However, ballads and sounds more jazzy, as for Black Cherry, are not lacking.

For this project, Yasu has called on renowned musicians for both studio recordings and live performances. Chisato (Penicillin), DAITA (formerly SIAM SHADE), Yuki (DUSTAR-3), AKIHIDE (Breakerz), SHUSE (ex-La'cryma Christi), Jun-ji (ex-Siam Shade), Makoto , Suganuma Kozo, Ikuo, kiyo (Janne Da Arc)> ...

While he could have used his own name for this project, Yasu followed Hyde's advice: by using a "neutral" name, he does not deny the contributions of people collaborating with him on this solo project. Starting from this base, he searched for a name corresponding to the soul he wanted to give to this new group, an erotic soul. His choice fell on the acronym ABC. In Japan, this acronym is a rather vulgar way of describing the progress of a relationship. The A is the kiss, the B the petting and the C the sex. From this acronym, he took the name Acid Black Cherry, knowing that cherry is a term of English slang denoting the virginity of a man.

In January 2007, Janna Da Arc announces that they are pausing following the desires of each of its members to embark on solo careers. Keeping silence, Yasu prepares his solo project. Then in May, he embarks on a first secret tour of which he deals solely with the promotion. Playing in bars with no more than 10 people (he even happened to find this without a spectator), his final performances already gather several hundred. He explains this choice of secrecy by his desire to relive the excitement he had known in his early days when he was still indie.

It was in June, on the site of Janna Da Arc, that Yasu formalized its debut under the name of Acid Black Cherry. The following month, the first single Spell Magic is released. With the release of the band's single Black Cherry, Yasu is organizing two free concerts that already bring together several thousand people. After the release of two singles with A for Aishitenai ballads and Fuyu no Maboroshi finally released the first album BLACK LIST. ABC goes on tour and is sold out at Budokan for the shooting of the live DVD Black List.

At the same time, Yasu recorded an album of 1980s / 90s pop song covers titled Recreation featuring titles such as モ ノ ク ー ヴ ヴ ヴ ナ ナ ス span span span span span span span span span (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( = "lang-ja" lang = "ja"> Monochrome Venus > ), ( Ihoujin > ) by Saki Kubota, or more 濃 い 一夜 ( Koi Hitoyo < span class = "t_nihongo_help noprint"> > ) originally interpreted by Shizuka Kudo .

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