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Acid drinkers

Acid Drinkers is a Polish heavy metal band from Poznań. Formed in 1986, the band initially includes bassist and singer Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki, guitarists Darek "Popcorn" Popowicz and Robert "Bobby" Zembrzycki, and drummer Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta.

The group is already gaining popularity with the release in 1990 of a first studio album, Are You a Rebel ?. The thrash crossover songs were mostly based on humorous lyrics, which will help popularize the genre. Shortly after, the quartet teams up with Katarzyną Kanclerz from Izabelin Studio, and over the years, is moving towards groove metal. This time, the texts refer to social problems.

In 2014, the group has fourteen studio albums, and a number of small publications favorably received by the specialized press and the public. The band is rewarded several times, and is quoted in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Teraz Rock and Thrash'em All. The name of the group is a slang term for individuals who drink wine cheaply. Current or former members are also part of parallel projects such as NoNe, Lipali, Illusion, Armia, Turbo, Wolf Spider, Flapjack, Arka Noeg, Guess Why, Albert Rosenfield, Creation of Death, Luxtorpeda, 2Tm2,3 and Anti Nun Tank.

The group was formed on September 21, 1986 in Poznań, on the initiative of bassist and singer Thomas "Titus" Pukackiego, and guitarist Robert " Litzy » Friedrich >>>. The training is completed with the arrival of guitarist Darek Popowicz and drummer Peter "Chomik" Kuik. Shortly after, Kuik is replaced by Maciej "Ślepy" Głuchowski. In October, Pukacki leaves the group to do his military service >>>, while Friedrich and Popovich try to reform their group, Slavoy>. Then they will play respectively in the groups Turbo and Wolf Spider>. After his return in 1988, Pukacki tried in vain to revive his first group, Los Desperados>. After reviewing Popovich, they decide to reform Acid Drinkers. The group recruits Friedrich and Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta. Their first concert is organized on August 26, 1989>.

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