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Against me

Against Me! is an American punk rock band from Naples, Florida. He was trained in 1997 by Laura Jane Grace in Naples, Florida. The band is still considered part of the Gainesville scene, along with Hot Water Music or Less than Jake.

Laura Jane Grace (born November 8, 1980) first formed the band as a solo project, where she was singing and guitaring, while sometimes calling on musicians around her for drums and bass . She organizes a wild concert in the laundromat of her campus, as a sign of attachment to the punks and DIY values ​​she wants to convey. The group made its first tour in March 1999, on the West Coast, during which they met Jordan Kleeman in Baltimore, Maryland.

A first demo, entitled Against Me! released in 1998, supported by the group during a tour>. This demo is followed the same year by a second, Vivada Vis, with a more complete group. A five-track vinyl was released in 2000 at Crasshole Records, but only 150 copies will be officially pressed due to a recording error.

A four-track album entitled Crime, as Forgiven by Against Me !, was released in 2001 by Plan It X Records (for the CD version) and Sabot Records (for the vinyl). After that, another four tracks, titled by The Acoustic EP fans is recorded. It has no electric guitar or percussion, only acoustic guitar and bass. On April 23, 2001, as they set off on their way home, their tour bus was stamped by a semi-trailer. No members are injured, but their equipment is seriously damaged >>>>> accident after which Bowman and Mahon leave the group. The group then separates a few months later during the year >>>>>. A third acoustic EP recorded by Grace and bassist Dustin Fridkin, is published in November 2001.

Mahon is finally replaced by Warren Oakes, and guitarist James Bowman returns in December 2001 while recording the band's debut album, Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose, published in March 2002 at the label No Idea Records. Reinventing Axl Rose (No Idea Records), in 2002, is the first album of the band finally complete. This ode to anarchism differs from previous productions in a much heavier, punk-style sound, although the influence of Irish folk is strongly felt in songs like Pints ​​of Guinness Make You Strong or Baby, I ' Anarchist!

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