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Agalloch is an American heavy metal band from Portland, Oregon. It was led by singer and guitarist John Haughm, and has so far produced 5 studio albums, five limited edition EPs, two demos, a split with the dark folk Nest group, two compilations and a concert DVD . On May 13, 2016, the group announces the separation of the members and the end of the group.

Agalloch was formed in 1995 by original members John Haughm and Shane Breyer. The name of the group is inspired by the resin of agarwood (one of the botanical names is Aquilaria agallocha).

At the beginning of 1996, the duo began to produce pieces, and during the summer, Don Anderson joined them to refine these first elements. These songs will become, in the autumn of this year, the demo From Which of This Oak where we can already find a strong inspiration related to nature, and woods. This recording, heavily tinged with black metal, announces future albums, in which this influence will appear in one form or another. Shortly after recording, Jason Wiliam Walton joined the group as a bass player.

In 1998, the trio recorded a new demo intended only for record companies. This attracts the attention of The End Records, which offers them a registration contract. The result is the album Pale Folklore. Less influenced by black metal, the latter includes songs completely reworked, as well as dark folk elements and neoclassical interludes. The album meets an important critical success. At the end of the recording, Shane Breyer leaves the band due to lack of interest in the music.

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