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Agata kristi

Agatha Christie (spelling variants: Agata Kristi, Agata Kristy> in Cyrillic alphabet: Агата Кристи) is a gothic rock band created in 1988 in Sverdlovsk (a town at the foot of the Ural now called Yekaterinburg).

The first album of the group included only the very first members: Vadim Samoylov, Alexandr Kozlov, Pyotr Mayi and Alexandr Kuznetsov. Vadim's younger brother, Gleb Samoylov, joined them for the first concert and the next album. After the departure of Mai and Kuznetsov also participated in the second album Albert Potapkin and Lev Choutyliov, who also recorded the third album, without Potapkin.

The main line-up did not move from 1991 to 2001, including Vadim Samoïlov singing, guitars, bass, programming, texts and music, Gleb Samoïlov singing, guitars, bass, programming, texts and music, Kotov on drums, and Kozlov on keyboards, programs, texts and music, before his disappearance in March 2001.

In 2009, and for the recording of their last and last album "Epilog", the Samoïlov brothers separate from their drummer Andrey Kotov, not enough present during the compositions and recordings in the studio. They replaced him with Dmitri "Snake" Khakimov (formerly Naïve) and recruited bassist-keyboardist Konstantin Bekrev (ex-Mir Ogna), who participated in the farewell tour of the group "Epilog tour". These last two founded the group "The Matrixx" with Valerii Arkadin. They have been touring with Gleb since 2010 under the name of "Gleb Samoïloff and the Matrixx" and have released 5 albums to date: Прекрасное Жестоко (2010), Треш (2011), Живые но Мертвые (2013), Light (2014) and Резня в Асбесте (2015).

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