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Agathodaimon is a group of black metal and German gothic metal.

The band starts in September 1995> when the guitarist Sathonys and the percussionist Matthias decides to form a death metal band with harmonious arrangements (melodic death metal). To find musicians, they put several advertisements in specialized magazines. Two people answer: bassist Marko Thomas and keyboardist and singer Vlad Dracul. The last member of the band will be the second guitarist, Hyperion, who joins them at the end of the year. Under this training, the group records the demo Carpe Noctem, which receives good reviews from the German trade press. The demo also draws the attention of the makers of the Century Media Records label who keep an eye on the band. Subsequently, Agathodaimon plays in minor concerts and in first part of European groups. Finally, the group receives an offer from Century Media to finance the recording of their second demo. This demo is recorded at the beginning of 1997 under the title Near Dark. It attracts the attention of several labels, including Nuclear Blast, with whom the group decides to sign.

After composing the songs from their debut album Blacken the Angel, one of Agathodaimon's members, Vlad, is forced to leave the group because of an immigration problem. After returning to his country of origin, Romania, he was refused permission to return to Germany, on the pretext that he had left Romania to escape the Ceauşescu regime, and the latter no longer existed, he was no longer considered a political refugee. The band is forced to use replacement musicians to record their first album. Akaias (from Asaru) singing and Marcel "Vampallens" (from Nocte Obducta) for keyboards. The participation of Vlad on the album is reduced to a single solo song, Contemplation Song, which he sent to the group by air mail. The album has some impact and Agathodaimon has toured with bands such as Children of Bodom and Hypocrisy. At the height of the success of the album, they are the first part of Dimmu Borgir, Lacrimosa and other groups.

In 1999, Vampallens decided to leave the group to focus on his main project, Nocte Obducta. He is replaced by a female keyboardist, Christine S. To record their second album - Higher Art of Rebellion - the band goes to Romania, to play with Vlad. The singer Akaias also participates in the recording of the album>, in the same way that the singer Dan Byron makes the clear voices. The recording is done at the Magic Sound of Bucharest. Follows a European tour, as headliner, with Graveworm and Siebenbürgen.

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