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Alestorm is a group of British metal pirate, originally from Perth, Scotland>. Formed in 2004, the name of the group can be translated as "beer storm" (Ale being "high fermentation" beer).

Originally known as Battleheart, the band changed its name to Alestorm on August 8, 2007. Called a metal pirate, the band's compositions made reference to the world of piracy, in terms of sounds, words and music. visual universe.

Battleheart was formed in 2004. It is originally composed of Gavin Harper and Christopher Bowes. He recorded his first independent demo at the beginning of 2006>. The group was then completed by bassist Dani Evans and drummer Doug Swierczec. Battleheart did its first concert just five days after the members first met>. Terror on the High Seas, their second demo, is recorded the same year. Later in the year, the Set Sail and Conquer song of the demo was taken over for Metal Hammer's Battle Metal V CD, alongside other bands such as Týr, Firewind, HammerFall and Blind Guardian. At the end of 2006, drummer Doug Swierczec left the band and was replaced by Ian Wilson.

In 2007, the band signed at the Austrian independent label Napalm Records; however the house is a condition: they must change their name because it is close to a group already signed by the label, Battlelore, and the record company prefers to avoid any risk of confusion. This is how the Scottish combo changed its name from Battleheart to Alestorm >>>.

Juggling with his influences, such as Bal-Sagoth and Primordial to name a few, Alestorm releases his first album "Captain Morgan's Revenge " in 2008 and is hailed by criticism>. The song Captain Morgan's Revenge is also included for Metal Hammer's Battle Metal VI CD. This first album is quickly followed by Black Sails at Midnight in 2009.

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