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Alexi laiho

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Alexi Laiho , his real name Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho (nicknamed "Wildchild" or "Allu") was born in Espoo, Finland on April 8, 1979. He is the lead guitarist and singer of the Finnish group Children of Bodom was Sinergy's lead guitarist before the band broke up at the time of the divorce between Alexi Laiho and Kimberly Goss (Singer of Sinergy) in 2004. He also made some appearances in some Finnish songs Thy Serpent and Impaled Nazarene. The development of his style is strongly influenced by those of Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Roope Latvala, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Jeff Waters, Paul Gilbert and Dimebag Darrell. Many of his compositions are influenced by great composers of classical music, especially Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Paganini.

Alexis Laiho began playing the violin at the age of five and discovered the guitar, his favorite instrument, at eleven years old. At the age of fourteen, he founded his first group, Inearthed, with his friend Jaska Raatikainen in 1993. At age sixteen, he landed in school and focused fully on the guitar and composition. Inearthed is mostly heavy death metal and Alexi takes care of the voice (he is mainly inspired by Philip Anselmo of Pantera and Mille Petrozza of Kreator) and the main guitar (very influenced by Randy Rhoads and Yngwie J. Malmsteen especially) and, which already, confirms his great talent, composes himself all the solos of the group. But in 1996, the young group decided to evolve into a melodic death style by introducing a keyboard. Janne Wirman, another friend of Alexi Laiho, enters the training. Later, the band's name is changed to Children of Bodom (based on a popular story in Finland where four teenagers spent the night near Bodom Lake, near Espoo, Finland, where only one of the teenagers was Found alive and severely mutilated, the other three being dead, the only survivor will ensure that this atrocious murder was the work of the Reaper, who is now the emblem of the group>) where Alexi now composes very melodic music. He is the lead singer, guitarist, soloist and composer of all the songs of the Finnish band. In 1999, Alexi engaged in a rivalry with the talented Jani Liimatainen, former guitarist of the group Sonata Arctica, the two groups will follow as Finnish rivals. On September 28, 2002, during the tour of the album Follow The Reaper, he is robbed his Jackson guitars, which he was very attached. He was also the leader of the group Sinergy and a punk band he founded, Kylähullut, but in which he does not invest much, Children of Bodom taking most of his time.

In 1999, Kimberly Goss and Jesper Strömblad (In Flames, Dimension Zero) recruit him to form the group Sinergy. After Kimberley's move to Finland, the band dissolved but later reformed and consisted of Finnish members only with the exception of a young French friend of Alexi. The replacement for Strombläd is Roope Latvala, who in 2003 became the second guitarist of Children of Bodom.

Alexi Laiho has the letters HATE tattooed on the fingers of the right hand and COBHC (Children Of Bodom Hate Crew) on those of the left hand, which several fans of the group recur. He also collaborates with Archie Cruz (Santa Cruz), Olli Herman (Reckless Love) and Jussi 69 (The 69 eyes) to create the band The Local Band whose first EP will be released in 2015.

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