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Alexisonfire (pronounced "Alexis on fire" ) or AOF is a Canadian post-hardcore band from St. Catharines, Ontario. It was formed in 2001, dissolved in 2012, and reformed in 2015.

The band has a total of three hit studio albums - Watch Out! in 2004, Crisis in 2006, and Old Crows / Young Cardinals in 2009 - each certified platinum in their home country, in addition to three live albums from Manchester Academy, Birmingham Academy, and Brixton Academy >>>. In August 2011, George posted a message to fans of the group, followed by the departure of two of his members, explaining that Alexisonfire would make one last tour before dissolving.

Alexisonfire is formed in late 2001 after the departure of three members of their respective groups. Pettit played bass in a metal band called Condemning Salem, Green was a singer and guitarist in a band called Helicon Blue, and MacNeil and Steele in a punk band called Plan 9. These bands split up at the same time, and Pettit, Steele, MacNeil and Green come together with the same passion for music. They hire drummer Jesse Ingelevics, and form Alexisonfire> in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada>. The name of the group derives from Alexis Fire (en) , a pornographic actress>. The latter discovers that her name is being used by the group and threatens legal action for copyright infringement. However, this nickname having never officially been used, no legal action could be taken>. The group released its first EP, Math Sheet Demos in 2002>. The group then draws the attention of engineer Greg Below and Montreal journalist Mitch Joel. Together, they leave to offer their talent to the label Distort Entertainment, which, coincidentally, was looking for artists. Below worked with EMI at this time, and managed to conclude a contract between the label and the group>.

On October 31, 2002, Alexisonfire was marketed, with a cover depicting two girls from the Catholic school engaging in a knife fight, an image that typifies the group's sound. Although the album was distributed by EMI, its success comes mainly from word-of-mouth. The group is embarking on a promotional tour for his album in Canada, and is stepping into the American and European scene alongside Billy Talent, GWAR, Juliana Theory, Godsmack and Glassjaw. In October 2005, Alexisonfire is certified gold in Canada with 50,000 copies sold>.

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