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Alfredo zitarrosa

Alfredo Zitarrosa (born March 10, 1936 in Montevideo, Uruguay, died January 17, 1989 in the same city) was a singer, composer, poet, writer and Uruguayan journalist. Considered one of the most important figures of popular music in his country and all of Latin America.

Natural son of Jesusa Blanca Nieve Iribarne (Blanca), who gave birth at the Pereira Rossell Hospital in Montevideo to the age of 19, he was registered under the name of Alfredo Iribarne.

Shortly after his birth, his mother took care of the household formed by Carlos Duran (a man with multiple jobs) and his wife, Doraisella Carbajal, who was then employed at the Children's Council. When he became Alfredo "Pocho" Duran, he lived with them in various parts of Montevideo, before leaving to live in the town near Santiago Vazquez between 1944 and the end of 1947. During this period, he made frequent stays in the countryside near Trinidad, the capital of the Flores Department from where his adoptive mother was born. This childish experience marked him forever, and it is clearly perceived in his repertoire which consists mainly of rhythms and songs of peasant origin, mainly milongas.

After briefly returning to Montevideo with his adoptive family, he went to live (in his early teens) with his biological mother and his husband, the Argentine Alfredo Nicolás Zitarrosa, who will eventually give him his name. With his newly born sister, they lived in a locality known today as Rincón de la Bolsa, km. 29.5 from the old Colonia road, San José Department. On the base, he commuted to study at High School in

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