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Alligatoah Alligatoah , by his real name Lukas Strobel , born on 28 September 1989 in Langen, Lower Saxony, is a German hip-hop artist and rapper. Behind the name of Alligatoah are two fictional characters, Kaliba 69 (rap) and DJ Deagle (producer), both played by himself.

Lukas grew up in a municipality in Lower Saxony. During his school years, he directed a series of short films and won the prize of 750 euros for a youth film festival.

On April 10, 2006, appear the group Alligatoah and its two members>. By her own admission, Strobel did not want "to be alone" in creation>. It is inspired by battles like those of members of Aggro Berlin. He publishes his first album, "ATTNTAAT , then a mixtape, Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil I , which serve as the soundtrack to the film lang = "from"> Goldfieber . In 2008 released a second album In Gottes Namen .

After getting his abitur, he arrives in Berlin. In 2011, he published a third mixtape,

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