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Alter Bridge is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida. It is composed of three former members of Creed: Mark Tremonti on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums. On vocals, Myles Kennedy (formerly Mayfield Four) holds the microphone, in a style closer to Chris Cornell than Scott Stapp.

Alter Bridge guitarist and founder Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips are former members of the Creed group; they are joined by singer Scott Stapp in 1997. After two successful albums, Marshall left the group in 2000, before the release of their third album in 2001. The band becomes inactive after a controversial tour. This year, Tremonti starts writing new songs with the idea of ​​forming a new band with Phillips and Marshall. Fans of the former Myles Kennedy band, The Mayfield Four, they invite him to join them as a singer. They call themselves Alter Bridge, whose name is inspired by a bridge near Tremonti, on Alter Road in Detroit, and begin recording a first album.

Due to creative differences and tensions between Stapp and other members of the group, Creed announces his separation in June 2004>. Meanwhile, Alter Bridge is forming and recording an album and the single Open Your Eyes . Members felt that Creed was "out of breath" and then decided to focus on their new band and their new singer>. Alter Bridge's first album, One Day Remains , was released on August 10, 2004 at the Wind-up Records label, and welcomed in a >>> mixed. Produced by Ben Grosse (Filter, Fuel, and Sevendust)>, the album sells 750,000 copies internationally, and becomes certified gold,> a success almost better established than Creed. It reaches the rank of Billboard for 14 weeks>. After Open Your Eyes , two other singles of the album are published: Find the Real and Broken Wings . The music is entirely composed by Tremonti, who wrote himself the lyrics alongside Kennedy.

Many songs from "One Day Remains" are linked to the WWE. In particular, Metalingus, which will become the Edge wrestler's entry theme in 2004 until his retirement in 2011. Alter Bridge will appear later with Edge in a segment of WWE Raw in 2005>. An edited version of the song Open Your Eyes is included in the Madden NFL 2005 video game. Also in 2005, Alter Bridge publishes an unpublished instrumental song entitled Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad for the Total Guitar magazine. A song called Save Me is added to the soundtrack of the movie Marvel Elektra>. The film's soundtrack, The Fantastic Four, includes another of their song, Shed My Skin>. That same year, the group published an EP entitled Fan EP in Europe.

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