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Amberian Dawn is a Finnish women's symphonic power metal band, formed in 2006 by Tuomas Seppälä and Tommi Kuri. They will perform the first part of the Epica group concerts during their European tour in November 2008, which will largely contribute to make them known outside the borders of Finland.

Tuomas Seppälä, Tommi Kuri and Peter James Goodman were part of a neoclassical metal band called Virtuocity. In 2004, following the dislocation of the latter, the latter three formed the progressive metal band, Atheme One, while being joined by Heikki Saari (percussion), Tom Sagar (keyboards), and Sampo Seppälä (guitar) . But the group was not stabilized yet. Indeed, Peter James Goodman was busy with other musical projects, and the songs that composed Tuomas did not agree with the initial style of the band.

That's how Tuomas and Tommi go looking for a lyrical singer to find one in the summer of 2006 named Heidi Parviainen. The latter was previously part of the heavy metal band Iconofear, in which she was keyboardist and singer for several years. Heidi was exactly what Tuomas and Tommi were waiting for: in addition to singing with great ease, she writes the lyrics. That's how Amberian Dawn is formed, and the band starts recording two first demo songs from their future album: Evil Inside Me and span class = "lang-en" lang = "en"> River of Tuoni . Meanwhile, Heikki Saari and Sampo Seppälä leave the group, to be replaced respectively by Joonas Pykälä-Aho and Kasperi Heikkinen (from the Merging Flare group).

After more than six months of recording, the first album of the band, in "> River of Tuoni is released in January 2008 in Finland, and in June 2008 in 17 European countries, in addition to some Asian countries. The clip of the eponymous song of the album; River of Tuoni, also shot in March 2008, then aired on Finnish television in May 2008>. He reaches the 36> place of the Finnish rankings>.

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