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American Head Charge , also known as AHC , is a band> of American industrial metal and metal nu, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group has two nominations in Kerrang! Awards.

The first incarnations of the band are called Flux, Gestapo Pussy Ranch, and Warsaw Ghetto Pussy. Flux's name was adopted but used in just six months because of copyright infringement, and because the labels were not interested in a group with that name. "I'm not a fan of names in three words" explains Hanks in December 2001 on ConcertLivewire.com. Regarding the name of the group, it reveals that; "It does not mean anything. There is nothing to understand in this. It's a bit of a goal. " Although there are rumors that the group has taken over its name from the African Head Charge group, which formed in the 1980s, this is just a coincidence.

After adopting the name of American Head Charge, the band debuts in the underground industrial metal scene with its first independent album, "=" in "> Trepanation . The album features Heacock and Hanks (later named Martin Cock and Banks), joined by guitarist David Rogers, Peter Harmon on drums, and Christopher Emery on keyboards and samplers. They participate in tribute albums published by Dwell Records paying tribute to the groups Ministry and Marilyn Manson. Second guitarist Wayne Kile and keyboardists Justin Fowler and Aaron Zilch join in a row between mid and end of 1999.

After touring with System of a Down in Des Moines, Iowa in August 1999, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian advised American Recordings director Rick Rubin to sign American Head Charge. Six months later, the band received an offer from American Recordings and Columbia Records.

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