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Amy diamond

Amy Diamond is a Swedish artist born April 15, 1992 in Norrköping under the name Amy Linnéa Deasismont. She started in the 12-year-old song with her first single "What's in it for Me". Since then, she has released 3 albums in English, and a fourth in Swedish is planned.

Born of an English father and a Swedish mother, Amy Diamond is the second daughter of the family. She still lives in Sweden where she learned ice skating since she was 6 years old. She has won several awards for her artistic performances.

She started singing when she was only two years old and then participated in several TV shows such as Småstjärnorna (Small Stars) or Minimelodifestivale. It's thanks to the show Mix Megapol Summer Idol that the girl signed a contract to record a song, then an album.

Her first single, What's in it for Me, was released in record stores on February 16, 2005, when the singer was only 12 years old. After the great success of the title, an album was recorded in May 2005 that sold more than 100,000 copies. From this album This is Me Now, several songs were very well known: Welcome to the City, Champion and Shooting Star

Her success in Sweden allowed the young singer to release a special album for Europe thanks to Warner Music. It was also successful in Poland and Germany.

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