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Anal cunt Anal Cunt , also known as AxCx and A.C , is a group of American grindcore, originally from Newton, Massachusetts. They are often referred to by their initials A.C. (often written AxCx ) because of the vulgar nature of their name and the censorship of rigor on some radios and in some publications. Many covers of their albums also include these same initials. However, the group eventually manages to divert this abbreviation by tracing these letters so that they look like an anus and vagina. The band breaks up after the death of singer Seth Putnam in June 2011.

Anal Cunt was formed in 1988 in Newton, Massachusetts, by Seth Putnam. He chose the name by making a list of obscene words and trying to find what he thought was the most stupid and offensive combination - Anal Cunt. The band had to be a joke and had to produce only one album and make only one concert; however, he continues to walk hard in 2006. The same year after their formation, the band members go on tour. In 1991, they published the EP entitled Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - The Record , followed by Meat Shits at Wicked Sick Records. They then released in 1993 their first studio album, Morbid Florist , to the Relapse Records label, then they signed to the Earache Records label> to which they will publish in 1994 their second studio album, Everyone Should Be Killed ; the release of the album follows a European tour>.

The composition of Anal Cunt changes continuously throughout the years (founding members, only Putnam remained until the end of the group). This is due in large part to disputes between the group members' companions, a problem indicated by the recurring theme of insulting songs to former members, such as Mike Shut Up , Mike Mahan Has Gingivitis , I Got Athlete's Foot Showering At Mike's and Tim is Gay .

Seth Putnam will create another band with guitarist Josh Martin, Impaled Northern Moonforest, a group openly mocking the minimalist and self-produced side of black metal, whose songs are entirely improvised on the acoustic guitar, while Seth Putnam is responsible for making voice, and uses a mattress and his leg as a battery. Their one and only self-produced max out in 2000.

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