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Andrew W.K ( Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier ), born May 9, 1979, is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the United States.

Andrew W.K was born in Stanford, California. In 1983, Andrew and his family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he began to learn piano at the age of four, then to Greehills University in Michigan, where he returned for his fifth birthday, and where he will study classical music. In 1993 he joined the College Community High School and studied jazz for 4 years.

During his teenage years his taste for music will make him integrate a multitude of small local groups and he will also learn to play guitar, drums and bass. When he was only 13, he joined a small local group called Reverse Polarity. His first public recording will be Mr.Surprise, released on a compilation of Westside Audio Laboratories (now known as Ypsilanti Records) in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He will spend the next 5 years in various bands like Lab Lobotomy, The Pterodactyls (which will release an album named Reborn, where Andrew WK plays the drums when he is only 15 years old), Music Band, Mr Velocity Hopkins, Kathode, The Portly Boys, Kangoo, Stormy Rodent, The Beast People, The Lickers, Isis And Werewolves, and The Sucking Coeds> A Later Iteration Of Scheme. In 1994, he also started a solo project of noise rock, of which he will release 3 audio tapes under the name Ancient Art Of Boar.

When he was 18, he was accepted to the School Of The Art Institute in Chicago, but he decided to leave everything to settle in New York to develop his creativity independently and in the hope of breaking through. to live off his music despite the fact that he knew nobody and that he had almost no means. He chained the odd jobs, and he even claimed to have stolen some money to help him get out of it. Some months later

He began to do some small solo shows, which required him to play only one instrument, although he was able to play several (guitar, bass and drums). At that time, he really wanted to start a band, since the music he created was made at the base to be played by several musicians.

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