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Angel witch

Angel Witch is a British heavy metal band from London, England. Angel Witch is mainly part of the wave New wave of British heavy metal.

The group was originally formed under the name of Lucifer, and consisted of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, drummer Steve Jones, and bassist Barry Clements. Lucifer separates and Steve Jones joins Bruce Dickinson to form Speed. The rest of Lucifer becomes Angel Witch, with the exception of Barry, who is replaced by Kevin Riddles, and Steve Jones, who is replaced by Dave Hogg. The following year, Rob Downing leaves the group.

Angel Witch's first song, Baphomet , which is successful, is included in the compilation Metal for Muthas . This song popularizes the group, which finally signs the label EMI. However, the contract is canceled, the manager Ken Heybourne having refused Angel Witch to the management, and for the bad figures of their first single published by EMI label. In 1980, Bronze Records signed with them, and the band released their first self-titled album, Angel Witch , which is considered one of the most notable New wave of British heavy metal. But the formation of the group begins to fray. Dave Hogg and Kevin Riddles leave, while Tytan joins them. Angel Witch becomes active again in 1984, then records a new album called Screamin 'N' Bleedin '.

In 2009, their song Angel Witch is included in the video game soundtrack Brütal Legend .

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