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Angels and airwaves

Angels and Airwaves , stylized Angels & Airwaves and abbreviated AVA , is an American alternative rock band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2005, the group includes Tom DeLonge (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass), David Kennedy (guitar, keyboards) and Ilan Rubin (drums, keyboard, bass, chorus).

The group formed after the Blink-182 was put on hold in 2005. They continue to record their turn despite DeLonge's return to Blink-182 in 2009; however, DeLonge will be leaving Blink in 2015, and will be fully dedicated to Angels and Airwaves. The band has five studio albums: We Do not Need to Whisper (2006), I-Empire (2007), Love (2010), Love: Part II (2011) and The Dream Walker (2014). The project also results in a film called Start the Machine (2008). In 2011, in parallel with the two albums Love, the group produces a science drama film, Love directed by William Eubank and broadcast in 460 cinemas during their Love Live tour. The group has released an animated short film called Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, and a fifth album, The Dream Walker, on December 9.

If the group, from the earliest video clips, wants to turn to more futuristic images, thus affirming their musical identity, much more classic clips are shot, including Everything's Magic. At the same time, the group is making short films, no doubt to support their desire to spread their visions of the world and society. While recurrent images of war may refer to the denunciation of violence, Tom Delonge also claims that they represent the fight we are all waging within ourselves.

Angels and Airwaves is formed in 2005 by Tom DeLonge, the guitarist of Blink-182. The other original members are David Kennedy, former guitarist of Hazen Street and Box Car Racer, Atom Willard, former drummer of Rocket from the Crypt and The Offspring, and Ryan Sinn, former bassist of The Distillers. The abbreviation AVA is the name of the daughter of Tom DeLonge>.

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