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Angelus Apatrida is a Spanish thrash metal band from Albacete. The group, formed in 2000, has a total of two demos and four studio albums.

Angelus Apatrida was formed in March 2000 in the Spanish city of Albacete, after the fusion of two young bands who shared the same rehearsal space, with the intention of creating a musical project that encompasses and unifies all the influences of each of its components. .

In 2001, they recorded a first demo-CD entitled Lost in the Realms of Orchinodaemon , with a style close to the European power metal. Shortly after the release of this demo, the group attended the departure of singer Alberto Gayoso and drummer Alberto Izquierdo. The other members of the group then recruit the drummer Victor Valera, while Guillermo Izquierdo takes the roles of guitarist and singer. In addition, the group decides to harden their style and change their image. They decide to take inspiration from groups like Overkill, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Annihilator or Pantera, and to change their logo.

In January 2003, the band goes on tour until the end of this year. The success and support of the audience during this tour allows them to publish a promotional album entitled Unknown Human Being mid-year. After becoming popular outside Spain to South America and the rest of Europe, the group released the demo Lost in the Realms of Orchinodaemon < / span> and the album Unknown Human Being like Peru, Colombia, Chile, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland or Romania. A song of the group, Supremacy In Chaos, is included in the compilation Atlantida Vol. 23 , which involves Skyfire, Ancient, Moonsorrow, Legión and Ancient Rites.

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