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Antonio carlos jobim Antônio Carlos Jobim , born January 25, 1927, in Tijuca, in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, and died December 8, 1994 in New York (USA), is a Brazilian musician, co-founder the bossa nova style. He has composed a large number of songs that remain both classics of Brazilian popular music and standard jazz works. Compared to Georges Gershwin in the biography published in the Jazz encyclopedia All About Jazz, Antônio Carlos Jobim has influenced many Brazilian and American musicians.

Antônio Carlos Jobim is commonly called Tom Jobim , who speaks Portuguese .

The paternal grandfather of the composer, José Martins da Cruz Jobim>, was born in Jovim, Gondomar, Portugal. The name Jobim refers to this place. He himself is a true Brazilian and a real carioca (word for the people of Rio). Quickly, his family moved to a more southerner, more central and more bourgeois district, Ipanema. Very young, he learns to play the guitar and the harmonica. But, from 1941, the music becomes more than a hobby for Jobim, since he begins to take piano lessons with Hans-Joachim Koellreuter (en) , a German who is particularly famous in dodecaphonism. At the end of the war, he embarked on architectural studies that will soon be abandoned. He prefers to play piano in bars where, for months, he refines and perfects his game.

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