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Arckanum is a one-man band of Swedish black metal from Dalarna.

The group was formed in 1993 by its sole member, Johan "Shamaatae" Lahger, in Dalarna, Sweden. Shamaatae initially joins her first group, Conquest, at eleven, who will later become Grotesque. When she left Grotesque, Shamaatae formed a technical death metal band called Disinterment, which will only record a demo and play a few concerts before its dissolution. In late 1992, Shamaatae decided to return to black metal and thus formed Arckanum the following year. Originally a full-time band, it becomes a solo project six months after its launch. After several albums, in 1998, Shamaatae leaves the label Necropolis Records is dedicated to the writing of work dealing with the god Pan and chaos, including>.

He remains involved in music playing drums for The Hearsemen. Arckanum's album est is released on June 1, 2009>. Antikosmos and ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ involve Set Teitan from the Dissection and Watain groups. The album Helvítismyrkr is published on September 16, 2011>. Arckanum publishes a new album, titled Fenris Kindir, on May 10, 2013 at the French label Season of Mist>.

The group's lyrics deal with chaos and war and draw heavily on occult literature. They also have the distinction of being sung in Old Norse>.

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