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Armor for Sleep is an American rock band from New Jersey. He was formed in 2001 and separated in 2009. The last training included guitarist Ben Jorgensen, guitarist PJ DeCicco, bassist Anthony DiIonno, and drummer Nash Breen. After a first demo, the band signed with the independent label Equal Vision Records, and released the concept albums Dream to Make Believe (2003) and What to Do When You Are Dead (2005). The following year, now at Sire Records / Warner Bros., the group released its latest album, Smile for Them (2007).

During its existence, the band is renowned for its mix of alternative rock with atmospheric emo and dream pop >>>>>.

Armor for Sleep is formed by Ben Jorgensen in 2001 in New Jersey. Nash Breen and Peter James "PJ" DeCicco later join the group after the separation from the Prevent Falls group. Jorgensen explains that the name comes from his first musical experiences, at a time when he could not sleep. Ben records demos that will be re-released for their debut album, Dream to Make Believe. These demos will circulate on the Internet, allowing the group to make some notoriety

Armor for Sleep originally signed to the Equal Vision Records label, where they released two albums, Dream to Make Believe in 2003, What to Do When You Are Dead in 2005. The group signed to Warner Brothers / Sire Records in 2006, to a period during which they wanted to change>. A remix of their song Remmeber to Feel Real by Machine Shop is included on the soundtrack of the movie Snakes on a Plane in August 2006. The following year, the band recorded a track, End of the World, for the film Transformers released in 2007.

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