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Arsonists get all the girls

Arsonists Get All The Girls is an American heavy metal band from Santa Cruz, California. Formed in 2005, the group is known for its mix of different genres, especially the early years of extreme metal with different styles of electronic music. Arsonists left the Century Media label in 2011 and became independent. They separate in May 2015, but meet the following year >>>.

Arsonists Get All The Girls was formed in Santa Cruz, California in mid-2005, originally as a joke between friends. In 2005, Arsonists Get All The Girls includes singer Alex, Arthur on guitar, Pat on bass, Garin on drums, and Arthur's cousin, Jeff, on keyboards. AGATG sees two of his members (Alex and Jeff) leave the group; they recruit Cameron (Treachery's Wake, vocals) and Nick (guitar). They will be part of the 2007 formation. The group then goes into studios to record with Zach Ohren (Animosity, Taste of Blood, Entragian, MORIA, etc.) at Castle Ultimate, The Game of Life. In November 2007, bassist Patrick Mason dies of intoxication related to alcohol>.

The group separates in May 2015>. On April 15, 2016, the group publishes on Facebook the phrase Arsonists 2016 ?, which will lead to rumors between fans about a possible meeting. This meeting is confirmed on July 16, 2016.

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