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Artrosis is a Polish Gothic metal band from Zielona Góra. After their first steps on the scene of the Polish Castle Party festival in 1996, the band recorded their first album, Ukryty Wymiar (Hidden Dimension), in 1997. Critically acclaimed , one of the members of the Lacrimosa group will decide to produce them outside Poland. The album is marketed internationally at the beginning of 1998.

At the end of 1999, the band signed with Metal Mind Productions, and released their third album Posrod Kwiatow i Cieni. The years 2000-2001 will be very prolific for the group, with six recordings in one and a half years.

In its early days, the band made use of keyboards, electronic drums, and acoustic guitars. the group debuted on the national stage in 1996, at the third edition of the Castle Party festival. The musical style will gradually drift towards gothic metal, and will give up heavy riffs. A year after its formation, the group publishes its first studio album, Ukryty Wymiar, which is well received by the specialized press. In 1998, the Morbid Noizz Productions label published the album in English under the title Hidden Dimension. A year later, the English version is published under the Hall of Sermon label. In 1999, the group participated in Metalmania, then signed a contract with Metal Mind Productions some time later to publish a new album, Pośród kwiatów i cieni. Also in 1999, Maciej Niedzielski formed the Umbra group>.

The year 2000 attends several concerts of the group as the Anathema in the United Kingdom, its reappearance at Metalmania and Castle Party, as well as a performance with Theater of Tragedy. In 2001 released their new album entitled Fetish, which changes radically musical style. This album is anchored in electronic music, but the guitars remain authentic. He talks about sexual submission. the album is named of a Fryderyk in the category "album of the year - Heavy metal" . Their fifth studio album, titled Melange is more oriented electronic music than the previous opus, but partly keeps the sounds of traditional instruments of rock and metal.

Each year, the group takes part in gothic music festivals in Poland. Shortly after, Marcin Pendowski leaves the group, and is replaced by Remigiusz "Remo" Mielczarek>.

Then Rafała Grunta is replaced by Krystian "MacKozer" Kozerawski>. In 2005, the group separated from Maciej Niedzielski - one of the leaders. They recruit a new keyboardist Konrada Biczaka, former member of the Aion group. They also recruit drummer Konrad Biczak>.

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