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Asian kung fu generation

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Asian Kung Fu Generation ( = ジ ア · / ン フ ー ジ ェ ー / / > ) (sometimes AKG or AKFG ) is a Japanese rock band.

Although they rarely appear in talk shows or musical shows, the group is increasingly involved in its songs and in the Japanese political news since the Fukushima nuclear accident. For example, he took part in the No Nukes Festival in 2012 and 2013 with other international groups and personalities, and singer Masafumi Gotō is editor of The Future Times magazine.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation was formed in 1996 in Yokohama by a group of friends who met at the faculty, Masafumi Gotō and Kensuke Kita on vocals and guitar and Takahiro Yamada on vocals and bass; Kiyoshi Ijichi only joins them later on the drums. Then there are concerts at the university, in small theaters, where they do not make any profits, while offering for sale, on their blog, their independent album under the label Kung-Fu Records.

Between 1996 and 2000, they will propose on their blog but also during their concert CDs and demo audio tapes, a compilation with titles of their group and the Caramelman group, then their very first independent album, The Time Past and I Couldn 't See You Again. Entirely sung in English, the band released in 2001 a second independent album, I'm Standing Here, still sold on the internet and in concert halls.

We find the song Konayuki in the demo CD and I'm Standing Here, which will be widely broadcast on the radio and allow the group to become popular.

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