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Asspera is an Argentine heavy metal band from Buenos Aires. It is defined as "the first and most important bizarre metal band, composed by renowned musicians from the national metal scene who prefer to hide their identity behind masks and pseudonyms". "

Their musical style is varied, fluctuating between heavy metal and hard rock, coupled with humorous lyrics telling anecdotes between scatology, extravagant, incoherent and messages of protest against the Argentine society, governments and human misery. Since its debut in 2000, the band has four studio albums and two EPs.

On their official website, they declare that the original formation is initially composed of Roberta "Beta" Carla on bass, Rodrigo Santamaría (Richar Asspero) on vocals, Julián Barrett (Rockardo Asspero ) on the guitar, and Kiko Proxen on the drums; until the arrival of "3.14 J" and Gerónimo Pastore (Mario Lauro Santillán) on bass and drums respectively, publishing a first album, titled Bizarra actitud de seguir con vida in 2006, and play for the first time on stage August 8, 2008 >>>. However, according to their oldest fans, the band saw several musicians march through the consolidation of classical training and their live debut considered premature, as was the case in 2007 as part of the Heavy Metal Radio Awards at the Hotel Bauen>.

The first big concert takes place at 8-8-8 Teatrito, in front of 500 people; it is on this date that they present the entirety of their first album alongside strippers and invited musicians, a custom that they will repeat years later>. In December of the same year, they participate in the Super Rock>.

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