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Atrocity is a German death metal band from Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg. The Leaves' Eyes group includes members of Atrocity, with the exception of the singer, Liv Kristine, who happens to be the wife of Alexander Krull, founder of Atrocity.

The group is formed in 1985 under the name Instigators. Originally playing grindcore, Atrocity turned to death metal with his first EP, Blue Blood, in 1989, followed by Hallucinations, a concept album about addiction. Their second album, Todessehnsucht, turns towards death metal classics with a cover of Archangel from the Death band. Their musical style evolves over the years and incorporates medieval and horror sound elements, as demonstrated on the album Atrocity's Blut. Atrocity's Blut is followed by Calling the Rain, a mini-album featuring vocalist Yasmin Krull and acoustic music.

The Willenskraft album, released in 1996, involves industrial elements accompanied by a bonus CD (Kraft und Wille) that includes electronic remixes of the songs. These are less metal oriented; Werk 80 includes disco hits from the 1980s. Some mini-albums and some songs like the cover of Lili Marlene (which includes Gemini) disappoint most of their fans.

After 2000, Atrocity remains inactive and seems to have separated. However, they come back four years later with a new album, Atlantis. The album also involves Alexander's wife in singing, Liv-Kristine Espanaes Krull (formerly with Theater of Tragedy). The members form the atmospheric metal band Leaves' Eyes, which includes Liv Kristine on vocals. On November 11, 2007, Atrocity announces the departure of bassist Chris Lukhaup.

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