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Austrian death machine

Austrian Death Machine is a metal band from San Diego, California, founded as a solo project in 2008 by As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis. It is a parody project centered around the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his films.

Austrian Death Machine releases its first studio album, "Total Brutal" , July 22, 2008. The album is dedicated to Caleb Crain for his birthday on the 14th May 2008 planned two months before the release date. A few months later, they record a Christmas EP titled A Very Brutal Christmas . After a promotional tour for the album Total Brutal , Lambesis goes on tour with the band As I Lay Dying. On tour, he posts on the MySpace blog of Austrian Death Machine, his idea for a sequel to the album "Total Brutal" , which he will name Double Brutal , a double-disc whose first disc contains original songs, and the other disc covers>. Back home in the summer of 2009, he devoted himself to the project Double Brutal later marketed on September 29, 2009.

Many media >>>>>>>>>>> have shown that a group, whose concept was inspired by a Schwarzenegger film, is sued by ArnoCorps (en) ; this group had previously played in California and in the UK> seven before> the creation of the Lambesis group. Lambesis takes care of the recording of the guitar, bass, and drums, leaving the singer of Destroy the Runner Chad Ackerman (nicknamed Ahhhnold) to imitate a voice identical to that of Schwarzenegger. Lambesis and Ackerman, however, do not record any of the solo guitar pieces as they are played by many guitarists from other bands. Lambesis explains: while the group As I Lay Dying "puts heart and passion into the work" , Austrian Death Machine is " a concentrate of pure testosterone and stupidity>. "

Tim Lambesis conceives the idea of ​​a third album Austrian Death Machine entitled Keep It Brutal , but welcomes any form of suggestion. On December 5, 2012, the production of the third album begins. In 2013, the album is announced to be titled Triple Brutal . Its release date is announced in June 2013, but pushed> by the arrest of Lambesis May 7, 2013 who tried to engage a gunman to kill his wife. This supposed shooter was in fact only a police officer under cover. In September 2013, the mixing of the album is announced by the project management team, finished.

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