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Avalanch is a Spanish progressive metal band from Asturias. They mainly shoot in Latin America >>>. They are described as one of the leading bands of heavy metal in Spanish>.

Avalanch mixes heavy metal in Spanish and modern rock, accompanied by elements of hard rock and folk. Their recordings are published in several European and American countries, and the group regularly tours outside Spain, mainly in Latin America.

The story of Avalanch begins in 1993, when Alberto Rionda, Francisco Fidalgo and Victor Garcia form a band, and will be joined by Alberto Ardines and Juan Lozano, who are also looking for members for a new group. They chose Avalanch, the name with which Ardines and Lozano had recorded in 1988 an album entitled Ready to the Glory . Alberto Rionda becomes from the beginning composer, guitarist and producer for Avalanch. After several training changes, in 1997 they released their first studio album, La llama eterna , recorded at the Posada de Llanera (Asturias), mastered by Alberto Rionda. With this disc, Avalanch causes a big impact on the Spanish heavy metal scene. It soon follows a version in English, Eternal Flame , and some countries like Italy or Japan attend the release of editions in English and in Spanish.

In 2001, the group released their best-selling album "El ángel caído" , which revolves around biblical themes with a more epic and evocative atmosphere. The album involves Leo Jimenez (ex-037, Stravaganzza and Saratoga) in the song "Las ruinas del Edén" (Acto II) . After their tour in support of the album, drummer Alberto Ardines and singer Victor Garcia leave the band due to the parallel training of a band called WarCry. Ramón Lage, (formerly Paco Jones), who has already collaborated with the group, is now in charge of singing. After a European tour in 2002 and this year's Wacken Open Air, the group is still making some training changes: keyboardist Ivan Blanco and guitarist Roberto Garcia leave the band and are replaced by guitarist Dany Leon (who was in bands such as The Distillery, Rats Faith and many others) and keyboardist Roberto Junquera (from the Asturian folk scene), who in 2008 left the band. In 2003, Avalanch returned to the studio and then released a new album, Los Poetas Han Muerto which is characterized by a more personal rock, and influenced by elements of heavy metal.

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