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Avrigus is a group of Australian Gothic doom metal from Sydney>. The band publishes two albums at the beginning of his career The Final Wish and The Secret USA . In 2010, they released their EP titled Beauty and Pain .

Avrigus was initially formed in 1991 as a temporarily inactive project during the 1990s because Simon Gruer was a member of his Cruciform group. After Gruer's departure from Cruciform in 1995, Avrigus is revived with the release of a first EP titled The Final Wish in 1998 on the Australian label Warhead Records>. As soon as the EP is released, the Australian duo returns to the recording studio to compose their first album>. However, Warhead Records goes bankrupt, but this event does not prevent the band from writing and recording songs, the album being finished around January 2000>.

Judy enjoys a stay in Europe to solicit a few labels and is put in touch with Hammerheart Records thanks to one of his friends>. Avrigus is quickly signed for two albums, but The Secret Kingdom is released only one year later, in 2001 on Well of Urd, a sub-label of Hammerheart Records>. The Secret Kingdom is relatively well received by the specialized press >>>>>.

The making of other albums is obstructed by problems with their label that did not pay them the royalties and did not credit the singer Judy Chiara as the composer of most songs. The group then decides as a measure of retaliation, to put their two discs for free download on the internet. In May 2007, Simon Gruer declares on the forum of his site that the second album would finally come out in 2008. The title of this album should be The Hidden Citadel >. Meanwhile, singer Judy Chiara decides to leave the group. Finally, an opus is published in 2010 under the title Beauty and Pain , with a new singer, Megan Tassaker. His reception, however, is mixed >>>>>.

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