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Axel rudi pell

Axel Rudi Pell , born June 27, 1960 in Bochum>, is a German guitarist. He is the leader and founder of the heavy metal band of the same name, active since the end of the 1980s. He also writes the music and lyrics of all the songs. Johnny Gioeli is the singer. We also find Volker Krawczak (bass), Mike Terrana (drums) and Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards).

In 1984, Pell's first album was published in the German Steeler group, and simply titled Steeler . It is followed by three other albums entitled Rulin 'the Earth (1985), Strike Back (1986) and Undercover Animal (1987). The band's singer will later be producer Peter Burtz of EMI. The group separated in 1989.

The X-Mas Project is a German group of thrash and heavy metal special Christmas, founded in 1985. Axel was a guitarist.

In 1989 released the first album of the group entitled Wild Obsession . For the formation of the group, Axel recruits Huhn from Gary Moore and Victory, Volker Krawczak from Steeler, Jörg Deisinger from Bonfire, Bodo Smuszynski, Jörg Michael from Mekong Delta and Running Wild, George Hahn and Rüdiger König. In 1991 released their second album, Nasty Reputation . Since the release of the album, the group faces multiple training changes. Huhn leaves the band, and is replaced by Rob Rock at the vocals. Deisinger and Smuszynski also leave the band, but they will not be replaced. Instead, they recruit Kai Raglewski for the keyboard parts. In 1992 released their album Eternal Prisoner . Raglewski then leaves the group. Julie Greaux replaces him until 1996 on stage, and for two new albums. In 1997, the band released the album Magic , alongside their new keyboardist Christian Wolff. In 1998, Soto left the group. Johnny Gioeli, from the band Hardline, becomes their new singer on the album "Oceans of Time" . They then recruit the keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg, Rough Silk, after the departure of Wolff. That same year, the drummer Michael leaves the group, which is replaced by Mike Terrana, former member of Yngwie Malmsteen and Tony MacAlpine. With this training, the group publishes several albums.

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