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Babylon circus

Babylon Circus is a French music band formerly song, reggae and rock formed in 1995 in Lyon. It is now composed of 9 musicians, and gave more than 1,500 concerts in 35 different countries. In 2013, the band released its 5> studio album, Never Stop, confirming its new pop style, mixing ska, rock and French song.

The music is generally focused on reggae and ska mixed with rock, very variable depending on the songs, more or less calm but still animated with a sometimes very lively rhythm. The arrangements are sometimes complex, the group being composed of many musicians and instruments.

Some songs are without text (Lorenzo for example is a sequence of solos). The lyrics are in English and French. The text is often engaged (Mighty Woman, Music and noise, Monday 6am ...), usually quite sought after.

Note that the album The beautiful star has evolved vis-à-vis previous: the style operates a rapprochement with the French song, well paced, with a preponderance of voice and orchestrations more sober opening to others styles, new collaborations, and more texts in French, always poetic.

Babylon Circus multiplies its concerts in France and abroad (more than 1500 concerts in 25 countries), participating in many festivals and continuing to make itself known.

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