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Babyshambles is a British rock band from London, England. He was trained in 2003 by Peter Doherty, former member of Les Libertines. In 2013, the band includes Mick Whitnall (lead guitar), Drew McConnell (bass, backing vocals) and Adam Ficek (drums, drums). Babyshambles has three albums: Down in Albion (2005), Shotter's Nation (2007) and Sequel to the Prequel (2013), three EPs and a number of singles.

In June 2003, Pete Doherty is dismissed from his band The Libertines because of his drug problems. He saw this dismissal as a betrayal on the part of Carl Barat, co-leader of the Libertines. He decides to start a new group, Babyshambles. A little later, he robs Carl Barat's flat. In September 2003 he was sentenced to six months in prison (reduced to two months after appeal). During his sentence, he reconciled with Carl Barat, and reintegrated the Libertines. These record a new album; and in parallel, Babyshambles released his first single. The Libertines separate definitively in December 2004, Pete Doherty devotes exclusively to Babyshambles.

The formation of the group is quite unstable at first, and the composition changes several times, before stabilizing in the summer of 2004. The model Irina Lazareanu plays the role of thresher for a short time. The band is composed of Pete Doherty (guitar and vocals), Patrick Walden (guitar), Gemma Clarke (drums) and Drew McConell (bass). In January 2005, Gemma Clarke left the group, replaced by Adam Ficek. In November 2007, Patrick Walden left Babyshambles; he is replaced by Mick Whitnall on the guitar. The group is then under its current formation.

Produced by Mick Jones, the group's first album, Down in Albion was released in 2005. It contains the simple Fuck Forever and Killamangiro. Due to poor sales of Down in Albion and Pete Doherty's "frasques", the Rough Trade label decides to break its contract with the Babyshambles in May 2006.

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