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Bachman turner overdrive

Bachman-Turner Overdrive , abbreviated BTO , is a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group was formed in 1973, but it had forerunner band Brave Belt, also called Bachman Turner Bachman.

The group is best known for the successful Takin 'Care of Business, Roll on Down the Highway, You're Not Seen Nothin' Yet and Blue Collar. Their first two albums, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and Bachman-Turner Overdrive II were both released in 1973, then Not Fragile in 1974, the first fate in general indifference but the next two were more successful. After leaving the Guess Who in 1970, the guitarist Randy Bachman recorded a solo album, Ax then he refers to the new band he created in 1972. Called at first Brave Belt, the band is composed of Randy Bachman (vocals, guitar) with his Guess Who, Chad Allan on vocals and guitar, Fred Turner on bass and Randy's brother Robbie on drums.

After two albums (Brave Belt I and Brave Belt II), Allan is replaced by another brother of Randy, Tim on guitar and in tribute to the magazine of the truckers the group takes the name of Bachman Turner Overdrive. If the debut BTO debuts in indifference in the United States, as in Canada where the group originated, the second BTO II is a big hit with the hit Takin 'Care of Business. Before the release of Not Fragile, Tim Bachman left the group to pursue a career in production and was replaced by Blair Thornton. The album is still a hit with the single You Is not Seen Nothin 'Yet. In 1977, Freeways and Randy Bachman left the band for both a solo career and his new IronHorse band. He is replaced by Jim Clench, ex-April Wine and in 1978, the band released two more Street Action albums and Rock 'n' Roll Nights, then it dissolves.

Reformed in the late 1980s as Bachman Turner Overdrive, with Randy and parallel as BTO led by Robbie, resulting in some confusion, followed by lawsuits for the rights on the group logo. On March 29, 2014, the classics met to celebrate their nomination to the famous Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and took the opportunity to interpret the classic Takin 'Care of Business.

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