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Bad Brains is a group of hardcore punk and American reggae, from Washington. It is made up of four Rastafarian African-Americans including singer Paul Hudson known as H.R. (Human Rights, "Human Rights"). They are considered the pioneers of hardcore punk >>>>>, although members explain that the term does not reflect their music (see documentary Punk Attitude).

The Bad Brains are very influential but remain underestimated in their contribution to independent rock. Adam Yauch (bassist and rapper of the Beastie Boys) will however designate them as a major influence. The group brings prowess, precision and virtuosity to a form of music that generally disregards this aspect; some people mistakenly associate it with the rock fusion scene. Indeed, unlike many other groups belonging to the same movement, the Bad Brains are excellent musicians, playing with a singular intensity and speed. The complexity of Dr. Know's guitar playing is out of the ordinary in the hardcore punk scene. Moreover, the fact that they are four black musicians, in a mainly white scene, distinguishes them a little more. The group's career, out of the standard of the mainstream, is chaotic. The separations and reformations are multiple. The disturbed personality of the singer H.R., with the range that is unique of its kind, has been a hindrance to success even after the global advent of Nirvana.

In 1986, Bad Brains signed with SST Records and published I Against I , which, in addition to the hardcore punk and reggae elements, inducted a fusion sound heavy metal / funk. H.R. provides the vocal pieces for Sacred Love. He is well received by the specialized press, including AllMusic>. The video of the title track is broadcast in the 120 Minutes program on MTV. Despite the success of I Against I, HR left the band again, and was replaced by his brother Earl for their tour in 1987. The 1988 dates for I Against I were with Taj Singleton on vocals, and Mackie Jayson on battery. In 1988, Bad Brains signed with Caroline Records, who released a fourth album, Quickness , the following year.

Bad Brains has been stricken by internal tensions since the beginning. Aside from the problems with HR, who often refused to play at concerts and sessions, he and his younger brother, drummer Earl Hudson, wanted to make the band a reggae-only band, while Dr. Know and Darryl Jenifer wanted to play heavy rock>.

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