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Banda bassotti

Banda Bassotti is an Italian ska punk band from Rome. It was formed in 1981 by oppressed populations in Palestine, Nicaragua and El Salvador and began operations in 1987. Their songs are generally political in nature. They take up the themes of communism and anti-fascism. Many of their songs are also about Latin America. Their name is derived from the Italian name of Rapetou, the Disney characters.

Banda Bassotti was formed in 1981. Banda Bassotti released his first album, Figli della stessa rabbia, in 1991, gaining popularity in the local punk scene. In 1995, they released their second album, Avanzo di Cantiere, recorded with Kaki Arkarazo and Negu Gorriak. After a change of training, they turn in Spain the same year.

The band separated in 1996, and then met only in 2001 for a charity concert. The group plays for the first time trombone and trumpet. The concert is later released on DVD under the title A altro giorno d'amore. In March 2002, they published L'altra faccia dell'Impero, seven years after their last album.

In September 2014, the group toured No pasaran in Rome, Moscow, and Donbass in Ukraine.

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