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Barathrum is a Finnish doom and black metal band from Helsinki. It was originally formed in 1990 under the name Darkfeast, changed in 1992 to Barathum.

The group was formed in the winter of 1990 as Darkfeast and, after a year and two demos, renamed Barathrum. The group subsequently signs a contract with the Nazgul's Eyrie Productions label. After three albums, Barathrum joins the label Spinefarm Records to which he will publish five new albums. In 1997, the band toured with Countess and the Japanese band Sabbat, in the Netherlands and in Germany >>>. A planned tour of Finland with Countess, Wizzard and Babylon Whores in December 1997 is canceled.

In 2000 released the album Okkult>. In 2009 the Long Live Satan live album was released by Ghul Productions. Around 2014, Barathrum signed a contract with Saturnal Records for the reissue of the band's former albums. The label announces the reissue of the first three albums of the group for 19 December 2014 abroad. In November 2015, the label provides for the reissue of the Devilry demo.

The band plays a typical style of chaotic grindcore in the vein of other Finnish bands like Beherit, Archgoat and Impaled Nazarene, mixed with doom metal >>>. Three bass players play it; their first demo, Witchmaster, is considered by the trade press as "jetblack doom-metal" >>>.

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