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Battlelore is a Finnish heavy metal band from Lappeenranta. The band's musical style contains elements of extreme metal and more classic metal. The name of the group derives from the English words battle and folklore. All texts deal with peoples or events of Middle Earth by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Battlelore was formed in 1999 by guitarist Jyri Vahvanen and bassist Miika Kokkola. This is the period of Jyri's project.

This project has often changed its name and had no permanent members, until the summer of 1998 when Jyri devotes himself entirely to it, deciding to embark on his own musical genre under the name of Battlelore. Tommi joins him, and Jyri asks his friend Gorthaur (Horna) to take the role of drummer. Later, upon Miika's arrival, the project becomes a full-fledged group. In Battlelore's first promotional album, Warrior's Tale , which is recorded in 1999, some session musicians are used for clear vocals and synthesizer. After this first recording, Patrik joins the band, bringing his powerful voice to the satisfaction of the other members of the band. The group noticing that Gorthaur had not had enough time to prepare, the latter is replaced by Jyri's brother, Henri, who had played drums for several years.

In the summer of 2000, Battlelore entered the studio for the second promotional album: Dark Fantasy . They then ask Maria d'Elderthrones to play the synthesizer and invite Kaisa from My Sweet Sorrows for some of the voices. Musician session on this promo CD, they become subsequently full members of the group. Dark Fantasy is sent to labels around the world, triggering the interest of Napalm Records which becomes the official label of the group.

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